Nem coin tranfer problem

I wish you a good day. I’m fatma me, user id 74875443 from my account mail [email protected] 21.03.2021 20:53:22 I made 2887.83527 Xem withdrawal. Address NC64UFOWRO6AVMWFV2BFX2NT6W2GURK2EOX6FFMZ TxID c3027f90e5260a88ebdc04139078b0791e69e697e10948e7082c7d1172d8271f However, during the shooting, it was suspended because I mistyped the address of the note. I want them to belong to my account. Nobody has returned for 15 days. Please help. I was withdrawing money from my Binance global account to another binance account.

You have contact Binance support, give them transaction id (c3027f90e5260a88ebdc04139078b0791e69e697e10948e7082c7d1172d8271f) and ask to send coins back.