NEM Cold Wallet

Hello! We have created new NEM Cold Wallet based on the NanoWallet 2.3.2. You can download the latest release here

NEM Cold Wallet comes with full transaction support in a “cold wallet” mode. Among others you can

  • safely use your wallet on untrusted computers (e.g. internet cafe)
  • transact XEM or any mosaic from single or multi-signature accounts
  • manage namespaces and mosaics
  • manage multi-signature accounts

Transaction is created online in view-only mode (wallet based on the address only - no private key), transferred via QR code to cold wallet where it can be signed and again via QR code transferred back to the online wallet which announces it to the blockchain.

We have started working on the documentation for the wallet. It is available here or as part of the release in docs folder.

We will do our best to keep NEM Cold Wallet updated to have the fixes from original wallet when it is released.

NOTICE This wallet does not contain voting changes required for upcoming NEM Elections.


Well done Tono,
Look forward to getting stuck in once the election is all over.
Thanks for working on a cold wallet for the community, it’s appreciated.


please place a link on the official website to I was sure that this page is not scammers

This is not scam, we forked official NEM wallet and added cold wallet functionality to it. This also is not official NEM project so I do not expect it to be linked from site. It is opensource so you can do your own code review and build it if you do not trust us. I guess me saying “I promise” is not too valuable here :slight_smile: