NEM colorful logo. What do you think?

I made the NEM logo colors gradient to look fresh for the new site and give the impression that it is moving.
I was also thinking of a strong font for “nem”, which is more suited for the shield logo and the powerful NEM tools.

Later edit:
A more vibrant green…


Great! Not only movement, but also light from within.
Question to you as a designer. How to reproduce this effect in the print on the on the coin: The silver standard ?

I like it :hearts: looks more 2017 than the original logo :grinning:

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For the same effect it could be something like this (bump inner shapes):

Excellent. If this is a concavity, then when the coin turns, the glare will move synchronously.

Can you add the appropriate inscriptions to put this project in the branch The silver standard. Without an illustration, the proposal is not convincing. If people see such beauty, maybe they will notice the text.

What text would you like on the coin?

Сoin description is in the said branch.

The front face:
The NEM’s logo in the center. Along the edge, New Economy Movement inscription.

The back face:
In the center, the Latin inscription DENARIUS. Silver content, Ag 999, below on the left side of the coin, its weight, 1/2 oz to the right. Inscription Nem Treasury on the top of the circle and the year of production аt the bottom.

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You are well done. I propose to go to Google Docs to edit pictures. Tell me an email that I sent you access. My email is

NEM logo with background (gif)


I appreciate the talent here, you would have slayed had you been around in 2014 for the original logo selection process Nemismatic. Community reaching a consensus on a final design then was a drawn out, kind of hopeless affair.

Do you have a NEM wallet address to send donations for your work?

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: My adress is: NDNOFI-Q577CX-ALCJEQ-WH55RG-QDSVZK-B2S55N-IY2D

I hope that I can bring a tiny contribution to the NEM platform, in which I strongly believe.
I can design, for free, flyers or business cards if anyone is interested…

The idea was to make a simple and elegant business card.

• On the left is a symbolic blockchain with NEM logo in the center of the three blocks, representing the core of the blockchain. Another element is the QR code, with your wallet adress, for quickly passing your adress to another nember when meeting face to face :slight_smile:

• On the right it will be your name /nickname, your profession, the NEM logo, and your contact informations.

• I wanted that the person which will get your business card to remember the NEM logo :smile:


That would be a nice paper wallet too :grinning:

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This design is useful for a bank card also. Which will soon need.

Good job

Cool, the logo looks like a shield, I guess it tends to mean the coin is secure, right?

it’s a great improvement. The shield form reminds people as well of the logos of great universities like Oxford where each college has their own shield.