NEM design - paperwallet and business card

I designed a NEM paperwallet card and a business card (NEM colorful logo. What do you think?).

The paperwallet has the private and public key on it, but in an order known only by its owner.
In this example the private key is r2a3vj72k20n89rfrmvg * tjahccoutbvn6j9vrrrb * bmffqzp6imb9ukjj1cik and the public key is z7qv3xz3qpzsw8m8vlhx * o73jy7eu86fiz6fbhplh * p68jyy7gg82cm26pjk5v. The rest of the code doesn’t represent anything.
I used only NEM logo colors (NEM colorful logo. What do you think?) so that you know this is a NEM paperwallet. I didn’t want to use the logo for a little extra protection.

Here you can find the Adobe Illustrator file for making your own paperwallet: