NEM Foundation 2.0 (2019) Progress Update Dec 19, 2018


NEM Foundation 2.0 Progress Update, Dec 19 2018

It’s been less than a week since the 2019-2020 election concluded on December 14, but a lot has happened already.

We have started a pivot to becoming a purpose-driven organization. The newly elected Council has met three times via web conference. Energy is good and we’re off to a promising start. Although the new term does not officially begin until 2019, there’s a lot of planning and transition work to do.

We have 3 goals for December.

  1. Onboarding the New Council. Officially setting up new Council members (ex.Signing contracts, training on internal processes, etc.)

  2. Creating the 30-60-90 Day roll out plan.

  3. Agreeing on the major projects and objectives for 2019, and assigning a leader to take responsibility for each project. There are a little over a dozen projects so far.

Projects and Leaders

The Council leader of each project will be responsible for creating a proposal, setting metrics, getting council agreement, reporting progress, and driving execution.

Some of the projects on the list include:

Catapult Road Map
This means bringing together our working groups, Center of Excellence team, and core developers to lock down features and first pass at the roll-out/communications plan.

Developer Team Expansion
This includes setting goals and executing on hiring new developers and developer support staff.

Financial Reporting
This includes policies about what financial reports will be created and what data will be released to the Council and the community.

Communications and Transparency
This includes how and what information is reported from council meetings, votes, and other governance-related news, and how we share it with the community. Transparency is a high priority, but until the Communications and Transparency project has agreement, we’ll release regular updates like this one to keep the community in the loop about the Council’s activities.

Transition Plans
This includes getting all the information about partnerships, legal documents, employee information, finances, etc. transitioned to their new owners. Transition is a big project with a short deadline, so we are putting the most focus on it right now.

Once we have leaders assigned to these projects, we’ll let the community know who is leading which projects, and when to expect progress milestones.

Finally, we would like to say a few words about NEM after the elections. The elections were useful because they shone light on the issues that the Council needs to fix. But they also brought out a lot of division.

We are mindful that it’s hard to move toward unity if you feel your voice has not been heard. We are looking for ways to involve every candidate who got a lot of votes in the election, even if they did not win. This includes those from the community POI vote. So we don’t want to just ask for unity. We want to take action to build it.

Update to post as of 12/19/18 at 5PM CST: Project leads have been assigned.

Thank you to the community and NEM stakeholders for your work and support.

Alexandra Tinsman
Anton Bosenko
Dona Rinon
Hiroki Koga
Jason Lee
Jeff McDonald
Mark Price
Nelson Valero
Pedro Gutierrez
Steve Li


we ( i more) trust in the new council and especially in you, let’s hope that the new road map starts at the beginning of 2019 and as you say you have the support of the most voted candidates (Laura, Ricardo, Tony, ,etc.) happy holidays and work hard for Nem !!


great that we will have nem catapult road map
let see it


There’s many stakeholders that continue to contribute toward Catapult (open source project.) Regarding NF 2.0 efforts, we’re working to ensure our efforts align and support accordingly across different teams including CoE (Center of Excellence) and community. We will share more on this in the coming weeks.