NEM Foundation 2019 ROI Report

Dear Community,

Please find the NEM Foundation’s 2019 ROI Report. A link to the document can be found here.

Japanese: here.
Spanish: here.
Mandarin: here.
Russian: here.


These reports are the ones we need every 3 months, to be made public specifying the expenses of the Foundation, I have been looking for the salaries of the VP, president advisors for a long time, thank you very much for sharing, although there are things that I think need to be polished, Clear and transparent information helps companies make fewer financial mistakes and they are under pressure from members to solve problems

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Hi Eddy,

I understand that this is important to the community and this is something we will aim to establish.

Also, it is against the law to release personal information. You can read more about it here.

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And the profits of XEM stakeholders are near zero.


Hi GodTanu

This industry are still at its early stage and we still have a long way to go until the technology are widely adopted and ecosystem becomes mature

The team of Nem Foundation has been working very hard towards our goals, and aim to promote NIS1 & Symbol to become the top choice of blockchain technology & product

I am lucky enough that I can work with so many talented & hard working people and I believe that in the near future, the investors can be well repaid. Not to mention that Xem is already a well performing digital assets compare to others, especially for the last few months and I am sure that lots of investors have benefited from its performance

We will keep dedicating ourselves towards our goals and we appreciate the continuously support from our community


I don’t know why you have to show me a SINGAPORE privacy law, public officials and foundation board members are exposed to having their expenses and salaries made public to the community, what’s the problem? ARE THERE EXPENSES THAT ARE NOT REFLECTED? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH SAYING THAT A BOARD MEMBER HAS 35K ANNUAL SALARY? ( FOR EXAMPLE)


The Singapore privacy law is because the Foundation is incorporated in Singapore and as such, are bound by it’s laws. There are no expenses that are not reflected.

it is always better to stick to what is in the interest at any given time, when the law of Singapore is different we stick to that of Malta and then to that of the Cayman Islands

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It doesn’t work that way when the Foundation is a company registered in Singapore. We cannot ignore the laws where the registration is domiciled.


Thanks for the well written report.

Why is the name of this report “The ROI Report”?

R.O.I. - “Radio On Internet” :innocent:

‘Return on Investment’ = ROI…:laughing: