NEM Foundation - Funding Proposal 2019

Is it an idea to create an opt-in or opt-out auto-updating spam list (like the famous EasyList for ads) that marks all polls created from a certain wallet, or create a community consensus spam-marking function on every poll, or create an official polls section that only hosts polls that are created at an expensive premium?

This will certainly be addressed in Catapult. One good thing about Ponti is he works for free, testing NEM systems. Future updates can include hardening to prevent abuse, then Ponti has more work, trying to find the next wormhole.


Correct. It is much better to have him attack now and work out kinks while we are still being ignored somewhat by the media.

that is pretty doable

Hopefully this doesn’t count for everyones weight otherwise when every one voted, we have only 1% voted.
jabo38, I send you my address, what is your opinion?


You can use the voting module in the NEM wallet v2.4.2 at or you can vote manually by following the instructions below.

NEM Foundation Vote

To vote yes, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:


To vote no, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:


NEM Labs Vote

To vote yes, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:


To vote no, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:


The vote is POI based and runs until 20 February 2019, 6:00PM CST / 21 February 2019, 12:00AM UTC.

NEM Foundation Proposal: NEM Foundation - Funding Proposal 2019

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Not yet, only one requisite has been achieved.

Can I ask you a question?
Does CXX(CTO,CMO,CPO…) intend to hire Foundation employees by open recruitment process? Or do you recruit from the labor market?
I think that it would be better to hire people who can achieve results from the labor market than to hire Foundation employees.

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Is there an easy way to see the current weighed voting scores without having to wait for the spam to load?

@jabo38 not sure if technically possible, but with this spam, I’m more and more missing a tab “polls you voted on” in the wallet so I can keep track of the voting progress.

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Congratulations @Inside_NEM Good luck. You’re going to be one hell of a President. I wish you all the very best. @jabo38 Congratulations sir.

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In the past there was a very easy way.

Basically there was an extra tab where you could manually just search a poll contract address.

I think we will bring that back at least and look at other measures too on how to fix/prevent this in the past.

Making another tab which is “polls I have voted on” isn’t exactly easy but is still doable a couple of ways. The easiest way would still fall to the same problem the current voting center has. If your account had too many txs, it could take a while to sort through. Other ways of doing that become increasingly difficult to code in.

The good news, I’m sure with Catapult, we will be able to design a much better system.

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Then perhaps a clickable link (desktop wallet) or QR-Code to scan (mobile wallet) that brings you directly to a certain poll.

“Polls I have voted on” can alternatively simply be a local storage cache of votes in the wallet so the chain doesn’t have to be scanned.

Local storage is another way and is possible, but also has some drawbacks on a desktop format. For mobile there are some storage possibility that are nice.

Thank you. This means a lot coming from you.

Hi all,

Good news, we have met the minimum requirement for the votes!

Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments. The work begins now.

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or you could just bookmark a poll perhaps

Hi Alexandra, what is a current status of this list?

It’s gut-wrenching for me to have to suspend staff while we restructure NEM Foundation. Behind every number, there is a real person.

Dismissal is required part of restructure NEM Foundation. I’m pretty sure it should be done before NF gets funding. Why? - because we can lose valuable staff. I’m also pretty sure there should be total changes/clearing even if 95% of people have to leave NF. I and rest of NEM community fully support you if you decide to implement it!

I know, "they are good guys" ©, but we dont need "good guys", we need professionals and competent people.


Everything is moving forward as it should. Redundancies have been identitifed and all global staff impacted have been contacted. In addition to managing Human Respurces, we also must comply to worldwide legal requirements. We will communicate to the community when the transition is complete.