NEM Foundation partnership with Tech Bureau Holdings

Dear community, we are happy to share that NEM Foundation has entered a business partnership with Tech Bureau Holdings, to expand the offerings of their blockchain products (mijin, Catapult v.2) overseas.
Please find the Press Release from Tech Bureau Holdings below in English and Japanese.

Links to the document are below:

English document here.

Japanese document here.

For further inquiries, please contact: Press contact, Tech Bureau Holdings: Aoki / / +81–3–4530–0344


80 members active in 12countries around the world.

We don’t know in which country and how many members there are. Please tell me specifically.

Just to clarify the above…something seems to have been lost in translation or PR drafting.

NEM Studios is not jointly established as per the ecosystem diagram and as per the text the NEM Foundation did not establish it.

It is an independent entity funded primarily by the core developers directly that sits under the ventures governance structure (nem holdings). It has taken on a contracted piece of work for the NEM Foundation to perform the branding and go to market work as a service partner.

A CTO is in the process of being employed by NEM Studios who will work with the core devs, nem studios developers and NEM Foundation developers in a matrix arrangement to ensure they all stay aligned.

Finally, the NEM Foundation do not run (or govern) the public chain as the diagram implies, they work as part of an ecosystem and the community to ensure its success.

You can see a more accurate ecosystem overview here:


We’re working on high-level org chart to share with community but we do have ~80+ people and are hiring for key roles including CRO and Director of Marketing. The Ambassador program will launch later this year.

All team members support the global Foundation - for example, the Tech team has ~20 team members ranging from full stack devs to architects to mobile wallet devs. Operations has 6 team members ranging from Human Resource to Legal and IT.

Some of the countries the team reside in include: China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, LATAM, United States, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, EU, Thailand. (I’m sure I’m missing countries since I don’t have complete list in front of me.)


Absolutely fair feedback and the ecosystem overview Dave H shared is more accurate. We will do better in the future to ensure more clarity with partners.

Today’s announcement regarding the partnership with Tech Bureau is important and signals expansion for Catapult v.2. It’s a positive sign for the future and one the ecosystem as a whole will benefit from.


Thanks for the update, and great to see that TB is looking at expanding globally.