NEM Foundation passes the torch to NGL

Communication message from NEM Foundation

Dear all,

We would like to inform you that as part of the future governance plans for the NEM ecosystem, NEM Foundation is in the process of closing down.

As part of this process, all NEM Foundation contractual obligations will be honoured and progressively terminated. NEM Group Limited will take over all operational execution responsibilities for the ecosystem going forward.

The transition to NEM Group represents a move to a more streamlined and focused approach designed to give Symbol the best possible chance for success.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all foundation members for their contribution over the last 2 years and, for those that will not be joining us on the next phase of the journey, we wish you every success in the future. Foundation Limited

Machine translation into Japanese:

NEM Foundationからのコミュニケーションメッセージ



このプロセスの一環として、NEM Foundationのすべての契約上の義務が守られ、段階的に終了します。 NEM Group Limitedは、今後のエコシステムの運用上のすべての責任を引き継ぎます。


この機会を利用して、過去2年間に貢献してくれたすべての財団メンバーに感謝したいと思います。また、旅の次の段階に参加しない人たちには、今後のすべての成功を願っています。 Foundation Limited


I’d like to personally thank all the workers and volunteers that helped the NEM Foundation through the years and all the community members that supported it too.


Thank you NEM Family!!!


NEM become big again with better and more more more active people’s at NEM GROUP​:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:
by far better than NEM foundation for me


Ready for November symbol launch 1:1 1nem to 1 xym :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

So at November with 1 NEM will double your amount after the snapshot will have 1 Xem old chain and 1 Xym symbol blockchain so total 2 coins you will double your investment
The rally will be very brutal :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


I love nem and nem family and im sure future is in nem’s hand :heart::heart::heart:


Transition from Foundation Form to NGL
I think it’s flexible

This is a proof that nem is alive.


Because enagy is also needed for organizational restructuring
Because it is a proof that this resource is in good health.


But there are also many other structural changes that require some
effort, but at first glance do not bring any benefits.
It is not a good thing to run many repositories under the “NEM-Foundation”. That will confuse many.
This should definitely be changed. Hopefully pretty quickly.


Without looking at the freshly made one
If you have changed, you cannot expect progress without stacking

Now is the time to focus

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Hope the NGL can create a set of better community governance plan and process. To be honest, it is the one of key factors about our NEM/Symbol’s success. 100% Democracy is not suitable and possible, but more democratic and transparent is necessary. Many nembers love this project, because NEM‘s ecosystem is based on our community not any individual which is different from many other projects.


Thilon has been exclusively responsible for China. Can discuss with each other, thank you.

Sure, Of course, about Chinese community, I can discuss with Thilon and give him some suggestions . We were colleague of NF. :grinning:
Here, I give some suggestions about our global community. Hope NGL could pay attention to this :grinning: