NEM Foundation Update - October 9, 2018

TLDR; Council election details forthcoming, VNX Exchange selected NEM for improving protocols, Heriot-Watt University — Dubai launched the first university-level blockchain challenge, NEM China established a new business development center in Chengdu, NEM NA participated in United Nations events, NEM has partnered with itisportal to develop the NEM Name Service (NNS), NEM Malaysia wrapped up the first Women in Blockchain event, Kristof Van de Reck spoke at a roundtable at the Moscow Stock Exchange, and a new training curriculum framework has been released for enterprises to use.

Ongoing Planning Efforts:

  • We are very close to communicating the plan with regards to the elections. As soon as that is released, we will give more information with regards to why there was a delay in communicating.
  • Since the last update, there has been more tech-focused meetings, both internally and with Tech Bureau. All of this is helping us to get aligned with the goal of a more effective approach.
  • The NEM Foundation blog post will be moving to a monthly publication date instead of bi-weekly (and will soon get a new format as well to improve how information is shared.)

Global Expansion, New Hires, Notable Events

  • Argentina

    • We made an alliance with the iúnigo startup incubator. They will co-organize a workshop for developers with Shin Tatt Wong in Buenos Aires. This week we will have two meetups in the 2 largest cities in Argentina: Buenos Aires and Córdoba.
    • We made a partnership with 4 Universities in Córdoba.
    • Our article mentioning NEM was published in, a web-magazine with monthly audience 3.000.000 readers. LINK
  • Australia & New Zealand

    • X Motion Pictures partnered with CopyrightBank to register films on the NEM Blockchain. You can read more about the partnership here.
    • Liven have announced that they will be using the NEM blockchain platform for the LivenPay payment network and the Liven mobile wallet and onboard XEM Cryptocurrency for instant Crypto-Payments at Point-of-Sale.
    • NEM attended the Blockchain Centre launch party at Stone & Chalk Melbourne where NEM ANZ Expansion Director, Jason Lee, gave an update on the Blockchain Centre since it opened last year.
    • Jason also traveled to North America and engaged in several talks and meetups with Universities and partners. You can find his full schedule of events here.
    • NEM Australian Lead, Thanh Le, spoke at the Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency event at UTS Startups in Sydney on September 28th.
  • Brasil

  • China

    • The NEM Shanghai team established a partnership with Ubiquitous. Ubiquitous and Nem China will jointly draft cooperation agreement according to NEM blockchain technology service, ubiquitous will be based on nem blockchain technology
    • NEM China established a local community and business development center in Chengdu, the central city of Southwest China.
    • An agreement with Shanghai Mengwei Network Technology Co., Ltd was made. This company builds the " Reloading Witch" game project based on NEM technology, and the new project will give certain technical development and promotion support.
    • Gifto, the world’s largest blockchain-based decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem, is partnering with NEM to test the NEM blockchain for improved scalability for some of Gifto’s blockchain-based services (compared to its current Ethereum architecture.)
  • Europe

    • NEM Interim President, Kristof Van de Reck, went to Russia to speak at a roundtable discussion hosted by the Moscow Stock Exchange together with @vnx_io Exchange and @bitFlyer.
    • The VNX Exchange, the World’s first marketplace and trading platform for tokenized venture capital assets, selected NEM as their blockchain partner to improve protocols and standards for operating security tokens.
    • Team members of NEM Europe were invited by University of Applied Sciences Mittweida to participate at the Blockchain Autumn School 2018. Solution Architect, Istvan Deak, showcased the NEM Blockchain during a theoretical introduction, a practical workshop on rapid prototyping and a large Meetup by Blockchain Saxony. This Blockchain week was hosted for the third time at Uni Mittweida and it is so far a unique offering in Europe with a track for Beginners and a track for advanced students, Consultants & Companies. More info can be found here.
    • At Insurlab Germany’s innovation workshop on blockchain Julian Richter pitched the NEM blockchain platform to the big insurance companies and demonstrated the unique advantages for insurers including the ease of integration in existing systems and explained how to leverage the existing built-in features for example for Access Rights & Claim Management. During the following hands-on workshop with Hallesche Versicherung, Provinzial Versicherung, Deutsche Rück, NRW Bank & HBA Consulting problems and potentials in the insurance industry were analyzed and interesting use cases were identified.
    • David Garcia released the curricular framework: This is intended as a guideline for training companies to help them in the process to develop their training material.
  • Hong Kong

    • Country Lead, Ricardo Medrano, spent the past month working alongside important partners in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Shanghai on planning efforts for NEM awareness and education. You can read more about his activities here.
    • There will be a Hong Kong meetup on October 11th with special guests from @bitworkasia showcasing real projects from Hong Kong alongside the NEM team.
  • Japan

    • The blogging platform "Nemlog" has been released. Users can donate NEM (XEM) to their favorite articles. Though currently in beta, there are already over 800 posts while being continuously updated.
    • LCNEM Inc. has launched the ticket system named “Ticket Peer to Peer”. It uses NEM blockchain and works against ticket resales. The organizer can embed the system in their own website and automatically issue QR tickets. As a result, they can sell tickets without the use of outside services. LCNEM issues legal currency pegged assets on the public blockchain and provides LCNEM’s wallet that users can use from their own browser with a Google account. (LINK)
    • PoliPoli has published starting a campaign for a gubernatorial election of Okinawa. PoliPoli is a political platform application based on NEM blockchain. They are able to help to fill the gap between politicians and Japanese citizens. Users can check a candidate’s information, have news about the election and join discussions of the app. They aim to promote the election in partnership with local students. (LINK)

    • In LATAM the progress continues, the following activities were held: Participation of the Tecnofest, an event sponsored by the mayor of CALI. The participation of Nelson Valero Council Member in the in this October is confirmed. It also confirms the participation of the company ISARQ as an ally of NEM, in the Hackathon of this same event.
    • Events are being prepared for October in Medellin, Cartagena, and Bogotá by the arrival of Than Le and Nelson Valero.
    • The visit of Technical Trainer, Shin Tatt Wong, to LATAM is confirmed for the end Of October, for the Workshops in Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia.
    • Work is underway on signing the first MOU with a university in Colombia. The participation of Miguel Caballero de Tutellus in the Blockchain International Congress of Andorra has been confirmed.
    • Laura Angel, Ambassador of Mexico, will participate in the official inauguration of our ally, the Company SI NOXTAK, in Costa Rica. This event has the participation of the Minister of Science and Technology. Laura will also be attending as the NEM Speaker at the inaugural program of STARTUP TV Blockchain and Crypto Currencies - Startup TV Season One Filming at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico on October 13.
  • Malaysia

    • Stephen Chia, SE Asia Regional Head, was recently interviewed by Astro Awani Review, an online publication associated with Malaysia’s largest satellite broadcaster Astro. LINK

    • NEM Malaysia ran and concluded its first Merdeka Hackathon from 15-16 September with a total of 80 students from 14 universities participating. Held at the NEM Blockchain Centre in Kuala Lumpur, the theme for the Hackathon this year was Blockchain the Future, with the teams given real-world business problems to find Blockchain solutions to. The winner of the Hackathon went to Team BC-LUL of Southampton University Malaysia. LINK

    • NEM Malaysia concluded its first Women in Blockchain Asia conference, held on September 24th at the NEM Blockchain Centre in Kuala Lumpur. The event served to highlight women in the Blockchain industry and also support causes devoted to women’s empowerment in the region. Headed by NEM Malaysia’s Director of Investments and Special Projects, Jasmine Ng, the event saw over 100 participants attending with key female speakers in the Blockchain and tech industry including Magda Chelly, Responsible Cyber Managing Director, Elizabeth Chee, HIT Foundation Co-Founder and many more.

  • Mexico

    • We participated in the first Hackathon held by UNICEF and Endeavor to mentor groups who came up with a blockchain based solution to improve refugees quality of life, identity, access to financial education and jobs.
    • The Embassy conducted a meeting with the blockchain project "Tanda Vivienda" to guide through the planning and execution of their project, that aims to create a sustainable system to give access to housing to Mexicans.
  • Middle East

    • NEM Foundation Middle East and Heriot-Watt University — Dubai Campus launched the very first university-level blockchain challenge in the United Arab Emirates. The University Blockchain Challenge is an application development competition dedicated to students residing in the United Arab Emirates that aims to tackle real-world problems unleashing all the potential of NEM Smart Asset blockchain. The launch was held on September 20, 2018.
    • We participated in the event called DTEC Forum held at the Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Center. For this edition, the DTEC Forum discussed the Future of Smart Cities. Four esteemed speakers discussed the drivers of a Smart City; Vice President ICT Commercial — Du Telecoms Mr. Jihad Tayara, Mr. Fadi Shanaah from Orange Business Services, Eng. Muammar Khaled Al Katheeri from DSOA, Mr. Paul Christian Uy Espiritu from NEM Middle East. DTEC is located inside the Dubai Silicon Oasis which is a testbed for making Dubai a smarter Smart City. NEM presented blockchain as a tool that can be used as one of the key drivers of a smart city.
  • North America

    • Regional Head, Alexandra Tinsman, spoke at the Blockchain Symposium at the United Nations in New York on September 25th, was the keynote for the NAMA Women Advancement Establishment event at the UN on September 27th, and also the keynote for Austin Startup Week’s on the panel, “Three Public Blockchains Not Called Bitcoin or Ethereum” with NEM, Decred and Digibyte on October 1st.
    • We met with the Austin Blockchain Collective to plan out developer recruiting efforts, developer outreach, university outreach + blockchain advocacy in Texas.
    • Alexandra has confirmed speaking slots at the following upcoming events: Blockchain on the Beach, Comic-Con 2019, SXSW 2019, and the Taiwan Healthcare Show.
    • This past week we hosted a few members from NEM Australia and planned out future activities from the Emerging Leaders University program (slated for Q4 in North America.)
    • Discussions remain underway for opening up a NEM blockchain center at the Capital Factory in Austin Texas and TBD location in San Francisco, California.
    • Mark Price, CEO of Devslopes, has been brought on as a consultant to help grow NEM developer awareness, outreach, and education. Interviews remain underway for additional open positions.
    • After taking a short production break, the Inside NEM video series will resume again.
    • NEM Advisor, Jeff McDonald, is speaking at BlockCon on October 12th along with other speakers including Naval Ravikant, Alan Watts, and Muhammad Yunus and will also be speaking at the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE) Workshop on October 15th in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila.
  • Peru

    • NEM Peru has had very positive meetings with representatives of the City Halls of the districts of San Juan de Miraflores and Chorillos. We are in talks with the Institute of Technical Education Cibertec to present a Meetup 101 in one of its offices.
  • Philippines

    • NEM Philippines celebrated their 1st Year Anniversary on September 1st. It was attended by NEM community and partners from CEZA, CEstates, LoyalCoin, KryptoFootball, and CashCart.
    • We participated in a Blockchain event organized by Coding Girls Manila where Ready Play Go and CEstates, NEM’s use case, was introduced to iAcademy students.
    • NEM Philippines, together with LoyalCoin, participated in the Food and Drinks Asia Expo 2018 last Sept 6th - 9th to provide an overview of how the blockchain can aid in transforming the food industry. During the talk, applicable NEM use cases were shared to the attendees and LoyalCoin, NEM’s live use case, shared their vision and partners to further promote the blockchain technology.
    • NEM Philippines together with PundiX and LoyalCoin, participated in the Asia Food Expo 2018 last Sept 12-15th where a blockchain overview was shared to show entrepreneurs in the food industry on how they can utilize the advantages of blockchain to their businesses.
    • We held a Technical Workshop in the Lyceum of the Philippines University on Sept 28th. The purpose of this workshop was to train selected students and faculty of the said university for preparation on the Blockchain elective set to be launched in January 2019. This elective will be open for 3rd and 4th-year college students for preparation on their journey as IT/blockchain professionals.
    • On October 1st and 2nd, we held workshops with Ateneo De Manila University and AMBERLab with a focusing on training professors and 3rd-year students in preparation for the creation of the elective course syllabus to be launched on the next semester, January 2019.
  • Thailand

  • Ukraine

  • Venezuela

    • In Venezuela, we are moving forward with projects applied to cases of use of NEM. In this case, the ISA system development company is working on the implementation of an online platform based on blockchain for the supply chain area focused on consumer products. More details will be forthcoming.
  • Vietnam

    • On Sept 6th, PWC held a private Roundtable with the Chief Security Officers of 15 local financial institutions, including Ministry of Information and Communications, Major Private & Public Banks. Kimble Ngo, Head of NEM Vietnam, was invited to share about NEM blockchain and business use cases to inspire about how blockchain can be utilized in a business manner. PWC went to discuss the merits of blockchain for CyberSecurity.
    • Kimble spoke on Sept 9th at the Vietnam Crypto Summit: and also at the Vietnam CryptoCurrency & Digital Assets Dialogue where he co-hosted a major Government conference with the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam. The Dialogue brought in leading experts in regulations, compliance, and blockchain protocols from around the region to help formulate relevant frameworks in Vietnam.
    • NEM Vietnam attended the Vietnam Frontier Summit in Hanoi, a conference bringing in leading technologies such as AR, IOT, Blockchain, Fintech, Insurtech, Logitech and more.
    • Upcoming events include the Vietnam Banking Associations on Financial Industry in mid-October and the Hong Kong Business Association event where Kimble Ngo will share business use cases.

NEM is doing well in terms of championing its global reach. However, I feel sad to see no update talk about Africa as far as NEM is concern. Africa shouldn’t be left out. There are potentials in the African continent that can help expand NEM


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