NEM Group Ask Me Anything (AMA)


This post is to give some further information on how to take part in the Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions.

These sessions happen regularly, so if you are unable to make this one, there will be other chances, you are also able to submit your questions in advance.

The sessions are to provide a fully open, constructive forum in which the community can ask any questions of the teams and we will do our best to answer as many as we can in the session times.

We encourage the entire community to get involved, this is an opportunity to ask any questions you have wanted to ask but didn’t know how.

The intent is to be as open and clear as possible, even with difficult/uncomfortable questions and is part of the way we see community engagement picking up again. So please ask as many questions as you can and get involved.

The times of future AMA’s are detailed in the comments section of this forum post.

Asking Questions

A Twitter account has been created called @NemberAMA and you can tweet your question to this account either before the session or during by either including @NemberAMA in the text or using #NemberAMA (using # is preferable as it is easier to find but both will work). Note: We may in future utilise other forums to host AMA’s but will trial and inform of any change in advance.

Depending on the quantity of questions received, we may or may not manage to answer them all in the allotted sessions, we will endeavour to follow up where possible on subsequent ones or in a forum post.

To answer the highest number of questions from the Japanese community, we have a different process detailed below.

How this works for the Japanese community

We will gather your questions in advance to enable prior translation and respond to them in Japanese. There will be a cut off date for question submission communicated each time, and the responses will be posted at the time of the AMA.


The Q3 AMA will occur on 23rd September at the following times:

  • 10am UTC / 7pm JST in Japanese & English - Please tweet your questions by 17th September to @NemberAMA, including #NemberAMA in the text. We will respond to your tweeted questions in the AMA session on 23rd September.

  • 4pm UTC / 5pm BST in English - we will respond to questions previously submitted and submitted live during the session




Next AMA is about to begin!

We will be answering the Japanese questions from the twitter feed in just under 10 mins, and the NGL team in Japan will post the answers directly on the website in the next few days.