NEM Group - Marketing Approach and Team

Foreword from David Shaw

Hello all,

As we announced on the 9th of April in the NEM Ecosystem Future Governance and Plans NEM Group has been created with three immediate focuses:

  1. A detailed Symbol Launch Plan and delivery to give certainty around launch
  2. Reinvigoration of the community (and marketing approach)
  3. Re-organising the entities supporting the NEM Ecosystem so Symbol and the project are supported as well as possible for launch and beyond.

This announcement is to explain how the Marketing thread weaves through all three of these elements, who will be leading it and how the team will work.

New Interim CMO: Dan Bobby

We have asked Dan Bobby to take on the role of interim CMO for Nem Group. Dan has 30 years experience in brand building and marketing, having set up and run 2 branding and marketing agencies (Dave & Calling Brands) as well as serving on the board of Engine Group, an independent marketing services group based in Chicago, Il. Clients include KPMG, Hutchison Whampoa, Booz & CO, Accenture and Nokia where the focus was on creating strong propositions targeting Enterprise C-suite decision makers.

Dan is part of the Way Better team, along with Dan Rowe and Katie Barber, who recently worked with the NEM Foundation team on the creation of the Symbol brand, and who will now also support the marketing implementation effort.

The Way Better Team has delivered marketing strategies for consumer brands such as MiniClip (part of TenCent), IKEA, TMobile, Orange, Microsoft, Telefonica and BMW. All of which included digital content and channel strategies designed to engage with different customer segments.

Together they have extensive experience in creating brand and marketing strategies for B2B organisations that focus on technology and Enterprise customers (Nokia, KPMG, Accenture, PCCW) as well as developing strong content and channel strategies for brands such as Microsoft.

Working with the team on Symbol has given Dan a good understanding of the Nem Group culture and how marketing currently fits as well as a good perspective on what needs to happen to move things forward.

Immediate Priorities

The priority now is to make marketing more effective, by bringing focus, quality and simplicity to our approach. Now is a critical time to get all the marketing activities and teams lined up to generate maximum awareness of the NEM project and of Symbol. Ideally this should be done with genuine content, use cases and community involvement (and effort), fortunately we have all three to utilise.

Immediate first priorities are to create and publish a marketing plan/roadmap that can be shared openly with community for comment, involvement, questions etc. This will have an emphasis on delivering high quality, engaging content for all our key audiences, that builds both Nem Ecosystem and Symbol as strong brands, starting with a review of current activity in the pipeline.

The emphasis for the rest of 2020 is:

  • Support & build community through a new community engagement strategy
  • Drive awareness and understanding of the Nem Ecosystem
  • Support the launch of Symbol, to position the brand at the forefront of the new evolution of blockchain technology
  • Put in place an effective marketing team and approach

There are several key tactical initiatives that we commit to delivering by the 31st May 2020:

  • website refresh
  • Symbol product website launch
  • Nem Platform (NIS1) product website launch
  • Marketing plan created and published
  • Supporting the community reinvigoration strategy that was communicated on May 10th

Dan and team will also be pivotal in restructuring the current marketing team(s) into the optimal structure for NEM Group to best deliver a professional marketing service for and alongside the community. As this work progresses the team structure and approach will also be communicated.

The team have been actively working now for 2-3 weeks with the existing marketing teams, have a good handle on all of the above and are confident the committed dates are achievable.


glad to hear that.thank you


The name of NIS1 will be official?

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thats the old chain

that one with coin name XEM

nis1 is the name of node server on old chain

its well established and known that nis1 is first generation of nem blockchain

and it will stay alive even after release of second generation

XYM Symbol

the for me important parts in marketing is to make sure people understand

each 1 XEM u own at snapshot will give u 1 XYM when the chain launches

this means its not needed to wait for launch for invest into brandnew XYM Symbol technology

u can everyday by add more XEM to ur portfolio


i think that wasnt his point i guess its more if NIS1 will be the official name.


Exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • :ru: Russian


  • :it: Italian




Here are a few links to the above mentioned people. I wish you much success. We are excited.

Hi Ruiz, yes, NEM NIS1 will be the official name.


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