New Websites Launch


Japanese: Here.

Russian: Here.

Spanish: Here.

Italian: Here.

Chinese: To follow

In the NEM Group Marketing Approach, we committed to several deliverables by 31st May. This post is an announcement of those deliverables and some additional ones:

  • Refreshed website

  • Symbol product website

  • NIS1 product website

  • Marketing plan

  • NEM Ecosystem Partner/Project summary

  • A simple brand toolkit

  • 3 x Symbol brand and tech videos

Today we are excited to share with you 3 key destinations within the NEM ecosystem:

  • - a new website with all the latest updates, information, resources and support for Symbol
  • - a refreshed website for all information on/about NIS1
  • - a new website to explain the NEM ecosystem and to share access to the NEM ecosystem, including community. It also sets out some feature differences between NIS1 and Symbol.

The websites will help visitors understand the similarities and differences between Symbol and NIS1 as platforms brought to you from NEM and how the NEM ecosystem fits together. and are both phase 1 versions of the sites and our plan is to launch further updates in July/August 2020, including translation, which is where we would like your help.

Please let us know your thoughts and we would welcome any suggestions for content and how you can contribute to the next versions of the website.

Thanks, Nem Marketing.


Chinese words:


Nice job,

I have found a few points for improvement: banner makes me sick, like motion sickness on the ship :smiley:
Other banners are cool.

The " Is blockchain right for your business?" flowchart is a nice idea, but ithere is something wrong with question “Your transactions never require modifications?”

  • it does not sound grammatically correct
  • it is hard to understand how to proceed in the chart if your transactions require modifications

there is also design bug:
On firefox/chromium on linux and firefox on windows10 :
on android chrome it is completely unreadable (you see first half of the picture and can not zoom out)

It is unresponsive element in responsive page: completely wrong design.
(guy using 4K monitor making that site should think about such things. Or was he not payed enough to make it properly? Or was he just too lazy? :smiley: )

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Hi thanks for the feedback and spots on the glitches - we are fixing now!

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Who is the administrator of the website?

Have the admin fix the headers.

Security Report Summary = D
Security Report Summary = F
Security Report Summary = F

Talking with Dave, I first learned that there is a NEM help desk.
Telegram @nemhelpdesk
I think it is better to put links clearly in the header menu and footer of the Symbol site or NEM site so that anyone can easily understand it.
In addition, please clarify your preparations for accessing the NEM Help Desk.

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Hi there, hope you’re able to access the Helpdesk both on the site footer and on Telegram.
Could you elaborate a bit on your meaning ‘preparations for accessing the helpdesk?’-just so that I understand clearly and can assist accordingly.

We want NGL to be able to respond quickly and properly when someone visits the help desk without being left behind.

I can explain the helpdesk a little bit as it is managed by ZenDesk - it is not in and of itself a developer’s only helpdesk, as it was set up as a general inquiry form. The requests then get sent to the appropriate person. As for the Telegram channel, that is more of a troubleshooting channel for wallets, code errors, etc.
The developers, however, always prefer if people use Slack for development - specific questions and troubleshooting.
So Helpdesk is for general questions and help and gets routed to the appropriate department.
Telegram is for relatively quick troubleshooting, and Slack is for strictly development-related questions.
I do hope no one is being left behind on the helpdesks, whichever users choose to access.

Who are the administrators?
It contains a lot of information that is not accurate.

There are a number of exchanges that do not list XEM.

It is necessary to organize them well so that anyone can immediately use the appropriate access destination and respond quickly and reliably.

Thanks God Tanu,
This is being fixed and re-reviewed now. You are correct that there are exchanges on there that should not be present.

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Why do these rudimentary mistakes happen?
Usually, those who do this kind of childish marketing are fired.
Marketing team needs to be more attentive.

The reputation of the entire NGL will go down. Be careful.


Hi both,

This is how things work currently. I will be doing some Business Analysis work on the systems and processes used in general, and speaking with the developers and teams currently responsible to build up a picture of things and we will make some changes to it. This will take across the group a month or so and will need scoping in terms of people power needed to support.

Typically for example something like Zendesk is used as a triage for all enquiries and becomes the funnel where calls are logged, triaged, allocated to a queue and resolved by the most relevant person. At NEM we do have an abundance of communication tools and ways to contact the group which can be confusing and is something we will look into making clearer.


Remove the unlisted exchange now.

The technique of putting a lie on the official website is no different than a scammer.


And now all the Japanese exchanges have disappeared.


The marketing team doesn’t understand the market for XEM. Excellent! :disappointed_relieved:

give him some time to change it…,

hope that is not the case. give em the newbie treatment, they just started. maybe testing the site first in community is good.

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Asia exchanges also have omissions