Symbol Launch Reporting & Single Source of Information

Symbol Launch Single Source of Information

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This is a summary forum post where people can stop by and understand the current information available about Symbol and see short sharp updates on the progress on the plan and launch of Symbol against the plan.

We want it to be easy to read so comments are disabled to avoid discussion in the middle of the information; it is a news feed. We encourage any and all discussion to be generated by creating a new forum thread and link to this one. We will address the questions as soon as we can on those posts. This is not to restrict discussion, purely to keep this as a clean news feed for community members and external partners both potential and existing.

This top post will be edited as more information needs to be added, and a short reply added to the post highlighting minor updates regularly, where a major update occurs (like a release) a new post will be made and it will be linked from here. This will build over time into an information repository in one place.

The first major revision of this post was made on the 16th August 2020.

Summary of Current State

NEM NIS1 to Symbol Public Chain Approach and Token Allocation

Allocation of Symbol (XYM) tokens will require an Opt In action by XEM holders. Token holders of XEM will make a conscious indication they want to be included, and receive the same number of XYM as they hold in XEM at the snapshot block, they will continue to hold XEM. The Opt In process will continue to be possible for up to 6 years post launch, managed by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), further information will be provided in due course on the mechanics. It will be possible to Opt In via:

  • NEM NIS1 Nano Wallet - a module will be added
  • A Symbol Mobile Application (iOS or Android)
  • Programmatically (documentation will be provided)

The Opt In will be made by sending a 0 XEM transaction from the account being opted in, to a known account on NEM NIS1. All pre-launch Opt In requests will be extracted and imported to Symbol via the Nemesis block.

Post Symbol launch, holders will continue to hold XEM, and be given XYM in addition.

More information on the migration approach is available:


The new chain will start with ~7.2bn tokens max supply and will inflate over time using Symbol Block Rewards to the current 9bn max supply of NIS1. This will be hard coded into the network and day 1 and not require any intervention, it will match the inflation rate of BTC but be performed in quarterly instead of 4 year adjustments. Supernode program will continue but diminish over time, finishing in 6 years, there will be 2 ecosystem bonuses available for people to register before launch (Ecosystem and Early node) further detail will be provided in due course. More information on Tokenomics is available .

It is important to note that the numbers in these models are based on a launch date earlier in 2020, these models will be updated prior to launch to reflect the changes. The concept and philosophy of the Tokenomics will be unaltered, just updated for new dates.

Symbol Brand, NEM Community and NGL Marketing

The new public chain will be called Symbol, this will become a second product set of the NEM project, so the NEM brand will continue as well.

The NEM Group marketing team have refreshed the main project website and launched two new sites, these are Phase 1 releases, we expect a further revision shortly to build from these:

  • - a refreshed website to explain the NEM ecosystem and to share access to the NEM ecosystem, including community. It also sets out some feature differences between NIS1 and Symbol.
  • - a new website with all the latest updates, information, resources and support for the Symbol chain
  • - a refreshed website for all information on/about NEM NIS1

The NEM Community Hub was launched, this is a space for the community to reward each other for contributions toward the project success, awareness, features and anything else, some notable announcements:

Each week NGL will also provide a special task that community members can focus on to add value and earn additional rewards, these are things like build a testnet node, write an article, edit the Wikipedia/Reddit/etc page.
NIS1 Future

NIS1 will continue to exist and be used by projects who are not migrating, it will also be used for the post Symbol launch optin mentioned above.

An initial proposal was made for community discussion however it did not garner much engagement. This may have been due to the SuperNode fund being due to run out in approx Aug 2020, before the Core Team topped it up for another year.

It is still important to continue to focus energy on this discussion, maintaining chain security via staking, node count etc. NGL will endeavour to look at this again in the coming months prior to launch.

Symbol Launch Roadmap

High Level Roadmap can be found on the website

Symbol Launch Plan

A detailed launch plan has been created, as per the announcement post HERE this will be updated regularly and managed in public as much as possible. This thread will be used to communicate changes and task completion in as much detail as is practical/possible. This is likely to be in two or four weekly intervals

Hardware Wallets


The coding work is complete for Trezor integration up to version 0.9.4, it would need updating with minor changes to the current version. This is currently on hold, we have been informed by Trezor that they will not accept our Pull Request for an asset until it is top 30 on coinmarketcap.

This means that Symbol (XYM) will probably not be listed on Trezor at launch. This is owing to a policy of Trezor themselves. Once Symbol is listed and reaches the Top 30 we will re-contact Trezor about adding XYM. We have no options here but encourage Trezor customers to feel free to indicate your desire for it to be supported - policies will ultimately be dictated by market demand from their customers.


Ledger code is complete, with only minor revisions required when the RC is completed. We are in contact with Ledger and they are aware of our launch date. As they are a third party it is in their remit to decide when/if XYM is integrated into Ledger,

Discussions are also ongoing for NEM NIS1 (XEM) support on Ledger.

KeepKey by ShapeShift

We have begun work to allow XYM to be held on KeepKey. It is unclear at this point on timing but we are hopeful that it will be ready for launch.

NEM Restructure

The NGL structure is listed here, with Gibraltar the chosen jurisdiction owing to its favourable DLT regulations for entities, existing relationships in the country and multiple global organisations being run from the jurisdiction.

NGL has transitioned some staff, assets, IP, and agreements from all NEM entities including the NEM Foundation (and subsidiaries) into a simpler legal structure to allow for more efficient operations and a product focussed business structure to assist with focus on specific areas.

Several key director level appointments have been made, including 3 core team members taking up formal Director roles on the governance board at NGL:

  • @Jaguar0625 and @Gimer have joined NGL as non-executive directors in addition to their ongoing core-developer duties, providing deep technical direction and strategic input for the governance tier.
  • Jeff McDonald (@jabo38) has joined NGL as a non-executive director and global brand ambassador, bringing a wealth of knowledge and historical context to the governance board in addition to his ongoing public facing engagements
  • Antony Welfare as Chief Commercial Officer of NEM Software, helping us refine our offer and alignment to enterprise customers/projects

We are pleased to formalise these appointments and continue to create a unified team for delivery and ongoing strategy of Symbol and NEM.

It is expected that this transformation will continue as NEM Group puts itself in a strong position to support Symbol enterprise adoption before, during and after launch.

Other Useful Links:


30th April 2020

High Level Update

  • Mainnet public launch date is unchanged
  • Release was a day late on 25th April 2020, communicated onto the forum on 27th April (Monday) NEM Symbol Release Announcement
  • CLI v 0.19.2 published 2 days early on Monday NEM Symbol Client Apps Release Announcement for Symbol Testnet
  • Line 22 - External design review - this line is the work being carried out assessing the fix for finality between the penetration testing company and the core developers. It has been extended out by 10 days. Currently this has no impact on the overall timeline as other core code can be written in this time. This will begin to have an impact in 10 days time if it is not resolved. The core developers and Nate D’Amico (@kaiyzen) are working directly with the pen testing company to ensure the correct solution is agreed upon
  • Changes made to some lines are not material or on critical path, but detailed below

Specific Plan Changes

  • Line 18 - Text changed to FC release
    Reason and impact - This is the dev handover of release, not completed release. Impact is non critical.

  • Line 19 - New line added to reflect RC release of 10 days
    Reason and impact - Added because time needed for a cycle and any related bug fixes if bugs are found. Impact is non critical if remains at 10 days

  • Line 22 - Additional 10 days added to the line
    Reason and Impact - owing to extra detail in the solution being worked on. Currently this has no impact on the overall timeline as other core code can be written in this time. This will begin to have an impact in 10 days time if it is not resolved. The core developers and Nate D’Amico are working directly with the pen testing company to ensure the correct solution is agreed upon

  • Line 23 - Lag of -10 days have been added
    Reason and Impact - owing to coding being able to continue currently in parallel with finality design work

  • Line 40 - CLI Client marked as complete
    Reason and Impact - CLI Client work completed early (2 days)

  • Line 49 & 57 - Two additional days added
    Reason and Impact - work is not yet completed, no impact to critical path. You can watch real time progress on these here:

  • Line 72 - No changes on plan or to timing
    Reason and Impact - Ledger first version of the code is complete, it going through unit testing and fix cycle. A review will be required by ledger and then discussion on how/if they are prepared to publish and when

  • Line 77 - No changes, trezor code is completed
    Reason and Impact - although some rewriting would be required with the changes being made between now and launch, this coding would not be significant. Trezor will not consider listing Symbol until it is a Top 30 coin.Trezor will not be available at launch.

  • Line 79 - Deleted as was there in error “Symbol Top 30 Coin” and duplicated on line 263
    Reason and Impact - No impact, admin error

  • Line 107 - “ Opt-in NIS1 Data Collection Dev” Completed 2 days early, date altered
    Reason and Impact - Coding completed early

  • Line 218 - Alteration to text in line from “at least 5” to “at “3 existing + 2 new”
    Reason and Impact - Text altered to reflect more accurate position


High Level Update

  • Mainnet public launch date is unchanged
  • Discussion continues between the core developers and penetration testing company on the best solution for finality. As parts are agreed, coding continues to be done toward v1 release
  • v9.5.1. is due to be delivered by the core developers to @kaiyzen tomorrow (8th May) and is on time. This is not the RC release for 9.5.1, but it considered FC release. The team then update all other code elements, and RC release and Testnet update will occur over the next 10 days
  • Work commenced on the governance solution for the post snapshot optin Token Management Process (line 185)
  • Discussions with potential exchange audit companies are underway. To list a token the larger exchanges require a fully conducted review as part of their approval process
  • Nominal changes to the plan, all other lines on track

Specific Plan Changes

  • Line 22 - Increase in time to approval
    There are a number of reviews and cycles that are being run through. As steps of consensus and finality voting are settled on

  • Line 23 - Lag increased as coding continues
    Additional lag to reflect the above line change


High Level Update

  • Main net public launch date is unchanged
  • Discussion continues between the core developers and core protocol review company on the best solution for finality. This has now become an amber risk to impact of the launch time line - if there is no resolution within the next 10 days its likely to have an impact on launch time lines
  • v9.5.1 is due for release next week and is on schedule
  • Line 197 - Contract code review company: This is likely to be a few days late as we are in the negotiation and scoping stage with the company.

Specific Plan Changes

Line 197 - Added 10 days to contracting code review company
This has no impact on the launch date


High Level Update

  • Main net public launch date is unchanged BUT is at risk owing to finality solution taking longer to conclude than planned.
  • Discussion continues between the core developers and core protocol review company on the best solution for finality. This has now become an amber risk to impact of the launch time line - if there is no resolution within the next 5 days its likely to have an impact on launch time lines
  • v0.9.5.1 is due for release today and details will be communicated out by @kaiyzen
  • There will be a further release v0.9.6 which will be made prior to v1. This will be added to the plan over the next week, and the plan updated accordingly.
11 Likes release announcement


Hi everyone

A quick update on some confusion around the website roadmap.

The roadmap was incorrectly updated on the website yesterday and we are investigating why. It seems a good intentioned updated was made to a typo (snaphot, to snapshot). It will be returned to the original version.

We can share that there was an introduction of an extra release (0.9.6) detailed above in the update for the 22nd May 2020 and that this is still to be completely scoped. It is unlikely to impact launch date.

While scoping of 0.9.6 is ongoing, in parallel there is an assessment of the finality conversations carrying on as to launch date and its impact. These have taken a lot longer than originally scheduled to come to a conclusion and the risk has been flagged on the past few updates.

This is at a critical point and any impact on launch date is dependent upon if the agreement on finality is made this week.


A seperate update post has just been made on Symbol Launch and Opt in Update.


Minor update notification:

  • Updated roadmap to include new optin target dates, and version 0.9.6 release

High Level Update

  • The next release is 4 working days late, now scheduled for 30th June
  • This does not impact the overall launch date
  • 9.6.1 was code ready last week, but an update to core was made to allow for optin during this release. This means a 9.6.2 release
  • 9.6.2 core is complete
  • SDK and REST will be completed by the end of the week
  • E2E Testing will begin at the end of the week
  • More information about test net will be given nearer the release

The Project plan will be updated tomorrow to reflect these changes


An update has been provided on the NEM Symbol Release there have been some deployment/release issues found that are being worked through, expect another update at latest Monday 6th July, probably sooner.


Just adding a couple more updates to this list:

7 Likes has now been released successfully. Here is the announcement post.

Just highlighting the desktop wallet release for

And documentation:


Finality and Optin Updates are elsewhere on the forum, attached here for ease:

I will be updating the roadmap with a placeholder for now until the solution is approved. There will then be redrafted comms on the forum posts and a rebaselined plan


Update on finality design and coding


Release Update: is now available.

Full details are available: NEM Symbol Release Announcement


Rebaselining of launch date and Project Plan

NEM Group published a live document launch plan almost four months ago to the day and steady progress has occurred in development, testing and release management as we get closer to the launch of V1 MainNet of Symbol.

Today is our first full re-baseline of the plan and we have attempted to communicate regularly about any risks or issues we have faced. The finality solution, which is explained here and is at the bleeding edge of this technology, has taken us a lot longer to get to a solution that satisfies the NEM philosophy and gives us a scalable, secure solution that can be launched as soon as possible. Last week we gave an update of progression and we continue to be cautiously optimistic that the solution found will satisfy all NEM requirements.

We have also taken this opportunity to appoint a Programme Manager, improve our release management, reconcile our github repositories, revisit the UI/UX of outward facing elements such as wallets, and perform additional security testing and review of the code to ensure that we have the best possible product.

The latest live plan output shows the following key milestones that I know you will be interested in:

  • 24th Aug - Confirm optin date (this will coincide with a launch marketing plan)
  • 15th Sep - Code freeze, V1 launch
  • 7th Sep - Optin Opens
  • 3rd - 16th Dec - Snapshot range
  • 17th Dec - MainNet Launch

The Symbol Launch Single Source of Information post has been updated, the Symbol Launch Plan post will be updated within a few days as will the roadmap on the forum and website.

I would like to also highlight some of the risk still in this plan below -

  1. Finality coding and testing: the plan depends on the finality solution remaining achievable as it is being coded. We are mitigating this from a time perspective by working closely with the core developers and looking at bringing on a specific security specialist C++ dev to help if that is practical and helps with the timeline.
  2. As always with testing and testnet, if we find something part way through and need to restart the testnet this would reset the clock on a 3 month soak period. To date this has been mitigated by multiple version releases with various test cycles but will remain a risk.
  3. The Opt In process and modules that have been developed are being put through testing and security reviews to complete by early Sept. Owing to the advice to have a 3 month opt in window pre-launch if that is delayed by more than 2 weeks it could impact launch.

We continue to press hard for a 2020 launch date and thanks all for your patience as we enter the final stages before Symbol launch.

High Level Summary of Changes

  • New launch date is 17th December 2020. This predominantly relates to the planning estimate for a finality solution to be approved being incorrect. We are monitoring progress closely
  • Optin will begin in mid September
  • The snapshot will occur during a window in the first 2 weeks of December
  • Multiple date changes to lines in exchanges
  • Added new versions 9.6.1 and 9.6.4
  • Added work completed by two external security firms on code and finality solution
  • Significant increase in the timings for finality solution to be approved and coded
  • Added in additional security and pen testing wallets for optin
  • Added in additional security and pen testing to wallets and external facing elements
  • Added section for KeepKey addition of XYM

Opt-in Date Announcment

The Opt In date has now been announced: Opt-in Date Announcement for 15 September 2020

Further information will be provided when it opens in guides and some is available in the post above


Optin and Testnet Updates


Testnet update