NEM Symbol Client Apps Release Announcement for Symbol Testnet

Hey there #NEM #Symbol !!

:left_speech_bubble: Last month has been a run for the Desktop Wallet with many structural - and breaking - changes, for the better of #Symbol Clients.

:fire: I am happy to announce the release of the Desktop Wallet v0.9.10 with compatibility for the latest Testnet.

:information_source: Note: Mind that the application installs as Symbol Wallet now and installs a new data store in your home directory under /home/${USER}/.symbol-desktop-wallet. This resets the storage of the Wallet. Your mnemonic pass phrases from previous installed versions can be imported (but addresses will be empty since testnet was reset).

:left_speech_bubble: Additionally, libraries have been updated for latest SDK version and Testnet compatibility including HD Wallets and QR Library (+ NIP14 compliance !!!).

See you #soon #NEM #Symbol !

[EDIT] Desktop Wallet version was updated to v0.9.10 with a hotfix for the transaction fee selector that enables multi-signature transactions with more than 2 cosignatories.