Testnet goes live by 21st September

Following hot on the heels from today’s successful opening of Opt-in via our NEM desktop wallet I wanted to give a quick update on when testnet will go live - the next important milestone on our journey.

Testnet was made ready for review by the developers internally today (15th September) before being shared externally on Monday 21st of September. This is in line with the Symbol roadmap and single source and shows that after a few difficult months of getting to grips with the development we are starting to deliver with more predictability.

Thanks again to the developers and the tech team and our partners for all their hard work. The launch of Symbol is now starting to feel very real.


Quick JP translation again:

本日、NEM のデスクトップウォレットからの Opt-in のオープンに成功したことに続いて、次の重要なマイルストーンである testnet の稼動時期について簡単にお知らせしたいと思います。



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I am very curious to see how many of the ~1918 NEM HUB users might start a test network server.
(or participate in it — testnet)


https://github.com/nemtech/symbol-bootstrap :slight_smile:


TestNet Update 21/09/20

The development and tech team have been actively testing the release over the weekend with a view to releasing testnet today as announced last week. The core devs have informed us that weekend testing has found a couple of minor issues which should be fixed before testnet is released. We expect this process to take a couple of days and will provide more information later today, US time.




TestNet Update 22/09/20

The Core Developers are working diligently on resolving the issue and we anticipate testnet being available by the end of the week. The bug itself at a high level is that there are certain circumstances at which the sync of finalization blocks don’t occur and this needs to be rectified