Rebaseline of Launch Plan

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This topic is created for comment and discussion on the rebaseline of the plan.

The Symbol Launch Reporting and Single Source of Information thread has been updated, both in the main body of text and reply below.

The website roadmap graphic and translations will be done over the next few days, as will other forum posts that reference launch planning.

We will be confirming the date of the next AMA’s in the coming week.


With a Mainnet launch of 17th December what consideration has there been with this date because in my 20+ year commercial experience in software development this is the worst time of year to make any major changes/plans due to the fact that staff usually have time off over Christmas/New Year.

If there are any problems or things needing to be addressed, there are fewer people around to notice and handle issues that come up. Is the core team committed to not take any holidays during this period? In my own experience I have happily worked Christmas day for critical projects were launch dates needed to be kept, can the core team do the same for Symbol Mainnet?

Its a very valid question and one that has been discussed, as have the alternatives of waiting until the new year. As a global ecosystem there are many holidays to consider around that time of year.

The commitment is push to launch before Christmas and of course we are always looking for ways to reduce that timeline. We are looking at bringing extra support in specifically for that period and to cater for and manage holidays.


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so, When are you going to do AMA?

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Missed this originally. There will be an announcement on dates and specific process in the next 24-48hrs.


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