NEM Hub Update 10/08/20

NEM Forum Update August 10th 2020

Dear NEMbers,

1 ) NEM Hub Stats

As of August 10th, 2020, 1,452 users joined NEM HUB, counting 490 weekly active users from 46 different counties. The number of users increased by 67.1% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020).

510 HUB users are verified token holders who staked over 120,430,031 XEMs (7.552 million USD). According to NEM HUB, 61.83% of XEMs are staked in Asia and 37.85% of XEMs are staked in Europe.

NEM HUB users have submitted 2,439 submissions to 41 team tasks. HUB users also

generated 64,598 upvotes and 1,030 downvotes. Total votes generated increased by 28.3% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020). 12 Reputation points have been leased from influential users to talented members on the HUB.

NEM HUB users generated 10,451 tweets and retweets with 4,389,615 impressions and 63,259 engagements. In comparison with data obtained on General Launch, the number of tweets and retweets increased by 82.4%, the number of impressions increased by 69.4%, and the number of engagements increased by 70.7%.

2 ) NEM HUB Community Coordinators

After starting NEM HUB phase 2 stage this month, we are ready to announce the new ambassadors and community coordinators supporting our efforts:

We have been working actively with Dtbychris of the Taiwanese community, Alexis of NEM LatinAm and Ali ( simonx ) within the Turkish community.

The Phillippino community will be temporarily placed on hold due to organisational framework issues but we are very pleased with the efforts of the PH members on the HUB .

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to these people, without you this process would have been significantly harder and it has been a pleasure to see people getting up to speed and contributing so actively on the organisation of new layers of the NEM community. Thank you

3 ) As mentioned above, NEM Latin America will be added into the fold with Alexis acting as lead community ambassador. The focus of this branch of the HUB will lie on understanding and categorizing the existing user base and initiate campaigns suitable for new users, as well as aiding the upcoming transition to Symbol.

4 ) Further Localization/Translation of the NEM HUB in Spanish, German, Turkish were requested and will be completed this month. This goes hand in hand with the translation of educational material, such as guides, and community introductory campaigns

5 ) NGL special task

This week we would like to invite members to submit ideas for a tech puzzle with the winning idea being implemented across the whole NEM Community.

Note: These special tasks are rewarded through Bonus Drops.

Note: We would like to emphasize the importance of submitting ones qualifications, interests or talents. Each user is unique in terms of the individual spectrum of skills. Please fill out the survey on the NEM HUB, either right when joining or within a month after joining the HUB.

SPANISH to follow


What about the NEM HUB Ambassador in the Japanese community?
Telegram’s early ambassador group survived and continued to be posted by DAO Maker even after DAO Maker suggested closure. However, early NEM HUB Japan ambassadors were not all active at the same time as NEM HUB’s general availability in mid-July. What will you do in the future?


Hi @h-gocchi the 10 people in the ambassador group inhabit a rather passive function, getting activated for special campaigns, such as the merch campaigns and when promoting the Symbol campaign. These periods are compensated for. Otherwise we receive collective input from the Japanese community, build the “recruit task” function and until then create waves of tasks and have them improved and/or corrected by members of the community or Mikun as part of NGL itself.


thanks to the configured task on nemhub
Confirmed increase of Symbol testnet node
Thank you