Release and Optin Update

Whilst Symbol has been in development for nearly 2 years, the NEM Group as an entity is nowa couple of months old. I set out three priorities for NGL - 1. To get the organisation set up 2. To start re-energising the Community and 3. To publish a clear roadmap for Symbol Launch.

I am satisfied with the progress we are making on priorities 1 & 2, I still feel that we are somewhat short in terms of delivering against priority 3. I pushed the team hard to put a plan together that was both coherent and transparent but what I didn’t have was a full appreciation of the capability of the project and ecosystem. What is abundantly clear is that whilst we have really talented devs and a hugely exciting platform, we are a long way from where we need to be on Release Management.

As we announced a few days ago, the release hit a minor issue. As a result, Testnet is still to be built and shared this is now progressing well and we will have a further update in the next 24-48 hours.

Whilst working on and the release/testing process we have also made the decision that it is necessary to increase the level of testing to support a successful Opt-in. The outcome and timing of this testing will inform a key decision on whether to wait for 0.9.7 release for Opt-in to start or alternatively push Opt-in out sooner on release. The specific items that will impact that choice is the likelihood of further data model changes needed for finality and proximity to the 0.9.7 release date. There are benefits and risks to both options for starting Opt-in, although neither decision will affect Symbol launch date. We will provide as much information on that once testing results are known.

This does mean that we are not announcing a date for Opt-in today as planned and it is likely the Opt-in will not start until a few weeks time.

The NEM community should expect the following communications/announcements in the short-medium termfrom here:

  1. Regular updates as we progress through the issue as we have been doing since the issue was found, on this forum thread
  2. Opt-in update within the next 2 weeks with progress toward when the date will be known

We recognise the frustration in the community at a lack of a date for Opt-in and that the date has moved in response to some unexpected changes and we share this frustration. At this time the Opt-in process is likely to be ready by late July or early August (0.9.6 v 0.9.7). It is important to ensure it is not only well planned but well tested given it is the route by which everyone receives their XYM, it is a difficult decision but one we believe is right to ensure a reliable and safe opt-in process for Symbol Launch.

Improving Release Management

I take my accountability for delivering Symbol on behalf of the Community very seriously and we are investing in improving Release Management specifically. To this end we have appointed Steve Powell to the role of Symbol Programme Director. Steve brings a track record of major programme delivery and his Number 1 priority will be on improving release management and providing certainty around opt-in scheduling.

We are also aware that the project plan and roadmap image on this thread need updating and will do so once the information from the steps above becomes known.


Thank you for this update. I wish all goes well according the plan and finally NEM/SYM get wind in the sails :slight_smile:


Dear David @davidshaw ,
Cc. dear @DanJonBob (Marketing)

Good to see how you mention your priority no. 2 being the Community Re-Energising.
Can I please ask you and the respective NEM Group execs to pay attention to this serious proposal by the serious long term heavyweight NEMber @Fedor111v and his colleagues @Alex_Sorokin et al.

I am explicity in support of their proposal and approach and would like to request you to reach out to them to bring Russia & all the RU-speaking CIS-Countries forward. NEM Hub alone is not sufficient for that.

Refer to the PDF which our friends have prepared:
Request to NEM Group - David Shaw.pdf (78.1 KB)

Thanks for your open ear. Let’s make NEM (&Symbol) great together!

Have a good weekend.
Best Regards! - Rene, LuxTag powered by NEM


Interesting to see you @r3n3, Head of LuxTag (funded by US, NEM Community Fund) finding the time for the “Russian” matter. Could you please give us a short brief on the last “Russian”-Guy (@granin Misha) you took a position for and his “failed project ideas” you supported/lobbied? What’s different now? How are those both Guys related to LuxTag and/or you? Whats the flagship achievement/result of this NEM engaged buddies? Everyone knows what's great for the "Russian" community, but the only result to present is the budget-spending yet. So were changing one XEM-receiving pocket for another? What’s the global idea of the “Russian Community” asking you to lobby their idea here? - Own weak cards? The HUB is probably the first time in NEM history giving a random XEM holder the chance to act for NEM without the leading “impersonators”.
The main message nowadays: You care about SYMBOL & NEM? Contribute, Deliver dont promise - dont blame others for things you missed/failed to deliver. Holding (selling off) XEM does not make you a great marketer, but you can be a great community member once you start to deliver.
Whos limiting those "NEM-believers" to deliver? Who stopped them to deliver earlier? Who stopping them NOW? Everyone is dreaming here to make gains on the "Russian" community but do we really need that middleman? We had them and now were all equal, a global Symbol community. No more clans and sects. SYMBOL & community only. So @r3n3, let those motivated guy’s signup, stake, contribute and the community will vote for their contributions.

PS. would be really great to get your feedback on Misha, the former “best options” for the RU-Speaking community. >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFOv1Fbf6Hk


Hello, thank you for the questions. First of all I’d like to inform you that I’m the official regional representative of LuxTag in Russia since spring 2019.
I work primarily with the Russian art market and my activities are paid by LuxTag.
I’m a member of the NEM community and NEM investor since the beginning of 2017, formerly one of the administrators of NEM RU in Telegram.
I have no commercial interest in this case, I’m only interested in the person who knows how to deal with SMM, promotion and who is trusted by the old RU members.


Hi, My name is Fedor. I am member of NEM ru and investor since 2016. I still hold all my coins and see huge potential of NEM/Symbol.

I’d like to help NEM community and share my experience.

I believe that better work with these areas will improve the situation, attract a new audience and increase the popularity of the project as a whole.

  1. Cooperation with cryptonews sites
  2. Сhats, twitter, bitcointalk, medium administration
  3. AMA sessions for community, etc.

NEM HUB has huge potential and is undoubtedly an attractive tool for investors, but it needs advertising and promotion. My main idea is to attract new members, please read the document above. The NEM HUB platform will not have the proper effect without proper promotion and attracting new members. Early holders are not interested in staking. I have analyzed it and I state it with all confidence

Please take a look document above, you can find mu achievements there.


Thank you for putting forward your suggestion for marketing support in Russia.

We have an existing plan for marketing Symbol to Enterprise customers, Trading audience and the NEM Community. Part of that plan includes implementing NEM HUB to engage and energise the community.

It is early days, but we are very happy with the performance and results of NEM HUB so far - 1000+ users in 46 countries, over 500 active users and nearly USD 6mn staked since launch. We are now creating further sub hubs in Turkey, Philippines, Brazil etc and we have increased the reward budget for phase 2.

DaoMaker, who support us with NEM HUB, are a legally contracted supplier and work to a strict SLA. As with any breach of contract from a supplier, we would take action to protect our interests. This has not been the case and we are very happy with the relationship.

Part of the reason for establishing NGL is to bring about a more professional and transparent approach to building the ecosystem and using the resources we have. We will only engage in transparent initiatives and with partners that demonstrate clear value and an ROI for NEM.

To that end, we would welcome your ideas on how to contribute to the ecosystem and be involved in building NEM for the future.

For the performance of individual marketing tasks we encourage all community members to contribute - and benefit - via NEM HUB as it provides a clear and easy platform to do this.

For more formal marketing support for Russia, please feel free to put yourselves forward as a ‘marketing agency’ with a concrete proposal for marketing NEM and Symbol in Russia. The proposal should include a clear focus on goals and deliverables in Russia, an outline of key activities, who the key team members and individuals are including KYC checks, agreed KPIs and targets and a detailed budget breakdown. We can then review and discuss the proposal together. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.