Introducing NEM HUB

We have been busy creating a community collaboration platform for all Nembers. This platform will be called NEM HUB and is progressing very well. We are pleased to announce the launch date and update you on the progress, please find more information below:

After completing the testing in selected communities we are happy to announce that we are soft launching the NEM HUB to the global community today. Feel free to submit all feedback and criticism, we will listen to you and implement all changes deemed necessary. The next four weeks are crucial in determining the best way to run the HUB. After completing the soft launch stage this month we will enter the final stage, the global launch, in July next month.

We have been working actively with Tresto , Hiroyuki & Mikun of the Japanese community, Klim of the Russian community and Thilon within the Chinese community.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to these people, without you this process would have been significantly harder and it has been a pleasure to see people getting up to speed and contributing so actively ahead of the launch.

Russian, Chinese and Japanese Localization/Translation of the NEM HUB were requested and will be completed this month -

What we focus on this month:

1 ) Research and planning

2 ) Content strategy

3 ) NEM HUB Social Media Management

4 ) Determining and collecting feedback from brand and community ambassadors

5 ) Integration into Onion layer concept - uncover critical trends - swim with the nerve - adjust content every week


1 ) Collect content intelligence for date driven planning

2 ) Gather audience insights to increase content relevance and sharp targeting

3 ) Adjust publishing time and submit activity threshold based on recommendations for maximum exposure

4 ) NEM HUB content grading to allocate budget wisely

5 ) Design Community Campaigns in accordance with feedback/suggestions collected


Many thanks




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Problems and bug reports on NEM HUB usage have already been sent to our community members. Isn’t this something that NGL or DAO Maker should directly deal with? Please respond directly.

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Hi @h-gocchi, thank you for your inquiry. In case you detect bugs, please message us at We will check on the issue and respond asap. The next 4 weeks are a designated period to make sure we remove all obstacles.

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We are having a harder time than you assumed. Because we know better and we’re serious. There have already been a few glitches and inconvenience reports raised, which are starting to put more strain on us than necessary.

I think the lack of planning is remarkable.

And the reward budget for the community is far too low, maybe.


Now you can understand why we have touched the NEM HUB in advance and insisted on the need for direct support.


Hi Tresto, I understand. We are following up with all requests sent so far. There is a dev team at the community’s disposal that will look at all inconveniences people might experience. We also try to serve you the best way possible through real time support. We have anticipated that there will be more bugs coming up once entering the soft launch stage and the next 4 weeks serve to make sure we run smoothly. Rewards are still set as they were in the testing stage, it will be discussed on Monday and we will update all communities.

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Yes and we are grateful for the help you have given so far. Our response time is fairly fast and we will make sure to address all issues raised on the Forum and by the different NEM communities. We have already responded on the first issues.

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Your work is great.
But I’d like the marketing team at NGL to think twice.


I tried the website it is showing “Service not available in your country”.
If NEM HUB is a global community why is United States blocked?

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it is the testing stage and will gradually open up.


I’m not sure what the requirements (logic) are for a tweet to be scored in Twitter marketing. It seems to be a bit different than what is described in this wiki.

Is Twitter marketing are adjusting yet ? Or is it working properly?

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To hear that needs an explanation of the definition of “correct”

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After global launch, how will you promote NEM HUB as a marketing team and how will you attract new users?
(I don’t expect the answer to be “leave it to the community.”)

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Before arranging such questions
Would you like to make a suggestion first?

Hi Bob, thank you for your question. We are gradually openening up. For now we test and integrate the language communities, i.e. push the localization in Japanese, Russian and Chinese. We are not at the global stage yet and some countries are still restricted.

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It should be all working properly. Points will automatically show on your dashboard after midnight GMT + 1. There are several factors that characterize a good tweet such as uniqueness, engagement metrics ( likes, retweets, comments, mentions… ) improved retweet analytics, usage of the right hashtags and others. The Gitbook entry provides only a summary. Please see this illustrated here as well: .


With that
What is twitter?

Because you only ask questions
I also ask you

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Thank you. We will look at it carefully. I still don’t seem to fully understand the logic.

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