NEM Symbol Release Announcement

NEM Symbol Release Announcement

I am posting this on behalf of @kaiyzen and the development team from a couple of updates on other platforms:

We are working on how best to streamline these communications going forward but I wanted to err on the side of openness and getting the information out asap.

Any questions please ask them here or on the Slack thread

Telegram (25th April)
The server build was released yesterday, that triggered final updating and verification of tooling and new testnet setup.

We completed the base testnet setup last night, today we are doing another cleanup pass on testing and a second round of nodes added. Once we get through that we will post an update and assuming we don’t encounter anything coming up we will post link references to new network and release the tooling

Update thread from Slack (26th April) (

The server has been released and a new test network has been started for it

Starting with all peers, and clients talking to peers, will use TLS as the means of handshaking and communications. With this change nodes identities are based on their certificates vs the traditional setting of the identity boot key in the server configuration file.

The team is rolling out the pieces. For those that are interested on the development side an initial set of api endpoints are available, these will be added to in the coming week:



You can use the latest version of the sdk and cli to connect to these endpoints.

NOTE: due to a different network identity and nemesis creation, existing users of the desktop wallet will have issues trying to perform transactions unless you wipe your data from your wallet and start fresh with a new set of 941 network endpoints. A wallet update should be out in the next week to help address caching issues when trying to use the same test wallet across networks that are different

For those experimenting with local test networks the bootstrap tool has been updated to support the latest images, its in beta and will have minor updates applied in the coming weeks

NOTE: For those who have been running test network nodes you will perform the usual routine of wiping your environment to switch to running nodes on the new network. The team will be releasing the test network bootstrap tool early this week


Thanks @DaveH. I’m glad to see that NEM official have more interaction and detail than before.
Maybe it would be better for NEM official to submit a weekly report to the forum every week. So the community can understand what NEM official did last week.

above is just my personal viewpoint.


I am glad to see the progress


Good timing, @DavidM and I were just discussing the best way to do this last week, he is going to make a separate post shortly with an idea for how best to do this in terms of the Symbol Plan updates and check with the community it covers what we think is needed.

Weekly is probably unrealistic because while there is progress it takes effort to extract it and write comms, the last thing we want is to create updates for the sake of creating them, or have people that should be working on delivery having to stop to often to report. BUT we also want to make sure there is a steady flow of information and updates, just trying to work through how to balance those things. Watch this space for another post in the coming days on it.


Here is Mandarin: