Nem Group transparency issues

I am a long-time believer this is throw-away account.

There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding organization. I think transparency is even worse than it was during NEM Foundation days. Everything seems to happen behind the curtains.

Based on The NEM Ecosystem - NEM Ventures and

  1. What is the structure of NEM Group Ltd?
    a. How many people does NEM Group employ?
    b. How many divisions are there?
    c. How many people each employs?
  2. All people paid or hired by NEM group should be visible or marked with some label on the forum - so that outsiders know they are talking with employees. Also list of twitter handles and other social media handles should be public.
  3. What is the difference between NEM Software and NEM Group is one subsidy of the other? Are core developers hired by NEM Group? Where is the list of all developers hired by NEM Software?
  4. What is yearly burn rate of NEM Group?
  5. Why there are two different trusts on top of NEM Group?
  6. Where can we find members of those trusts?

Besides structural questions there are some other issues. I do not think it’s the role of CEO to sit on the forum, but seems his activity both here and in other social media is quite limited. With some exceptions, the same can be said about most members of the team listed here Leadership - NEM Ecosystem - I do not expect each of them to be present here or on telegram or twitter, but some presence would be nice.


No answers for me?

Yes I would be interested also in replies to the questions raised.

Also, as mentioned above - I fully appreciate how busy the CEO and other NEM leaders are however I agree it would be good for them to occasionally interact with the community, and answer any concerns/queries people may have.

In the interests of transparency I will group together previous posts and answer questions not covered by previous posts.

  • List item 1 - ‘NEM Group’ is the term given to the collective of entities that are related to the NEM ecosystem. They consist of:

  • NEM Group Limited

  • NEM Software Limited

  • NEM Trading Limited

  • NEM Ventures Limited

The structure is explained here by Jaguar post NEM Ecosystem - Future Governance and Plans

NGL is a company limited by guarantee. It allows a legal entity without shareholders. Private company limited by guarantee - Wikipedia

  • List item 2 - We can look into how we make it clearer that an employee is contributing on the forum. Twitter is problematic as they are historic personal social media profiles. We can compile a list of twitter handles to make it easier to follow conversations.

  • List item 3 - NEM Software is a subsidiary of NEM Group Limited, as outlined here
    NEM Ecosystem - Future Governance and Plans - #2 by Jaguar0625
    Core developers are hired by NEM Group. There is a newsletter which includes some information about people/hires which is published regularly
    NEM Together: April 2021 update - NEM Ecosystem

  • List item 4 - NG alerted the community when wallets were funded from the NEM Trust here
    NEM Ecosystem Funding
    All the wallets are visible here.
    Launch year had a number of one off costs which will not be repeated.

  • List item 5 - There are 3 Trusts due to the history of voting patterns and the requirement to not mix funds.
    NEM Ventures was set up around two years before the formation of NEM Group Limited. It was done so via community vote:
    NEM Ventures - next steps
    NEM Group Limited was set up later to enable Symbol Launch
    NEM Ecosystem - Future Governance and Plans - #2 by Jaguar0625
    There is work going on to try and amalgamate these Trustees. Trustees and Enforcers are a mixture of long running NEMbers or those with relevant legal experience (or both).

  • List item 6 - Some Trustees will make themselves none. If they wish to make themselves known it is their choice.


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