NEM Harvest Summary Twitter bot

Dear alls,

Let me introduce NEM Harvest Summary twitter bot that tweets harvesting fee summary everyday.

What’s this?

  • Tweet below daily stats everyday.
  1. Average of harvest fee
  2. Median of harvest fee
  3. Max harvest fee
  4. NULL Block(whose fee is 0) percentage.

Here is an example.
It means that average harvest fee was 0.62 on 2018-07-07. Same in median(=0.15) and max(=42.54).
29.7 % blocks are without transfers on that day.

  • Time zone is UTC(NIS default). It tweets around UTC 3:00 because the developer and most followers are Japanese, live in UTC + 9:00 zone. Can tweet again at another time if any request.

  • Though it is widely used among Japanese NEMbers, it is helpful for ones in other countries since it tweets in very simple English.

  • Sometimes it tweets miscellaneous notifications both in Japanese and English.

Other activities related to this project

  • Publish a report about harvesting/NEM network every month. (ongoing)
    Now it is only in Japanese but I’m eager to translate it to English if huge demands.
    In last month, it analyzed about “Transition of number of unique senders/receivers in NEM network”.
    You can buy one in nemche only in 1 XEM.(NOTE: now it is only in Japanese.)

  • Create a support page which let you know detail of harvesting and this service.(progressing)

  • Integrate with Dashboard application(progressing)
    Will update this beta version dashboard (with data until 2018/03):

I hope this twitter bot helps you stay informed about NEM network/harvesting activities in very simple way. Thank you for reading.

Assume daily fee is 0.62 , and multiple 365 days. the annual income is about 226 XEM. and based on 10K XEM basic needs. the annual return is 2.26%.

Is my calculation correction ?

No, Check below points:

  1. It is the average value of all blocks in 1 day. Not expected value for each harvester.

  2. If you can get harvest fee depends on your PoI and luck. Even if you have strong PoI, nothing ensures that you can get harvest fee everyday. In my experience, with 10K XEM, I assume that you get harvest fee approximately once(or less) a month.

  3. Daily average fee varies a lot from one day to another. See detail in twitter bot.

It is very difficult to calculate annual expected harvest fee because it is not stable. No one knows how many transfers are generated in future.

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thanks for the clarification. looks like NE harvest is more like a equity investment rather than bond.