NEM Harvesting but No Harvested Blocks

Hi there,
It’s really frustrating… :frowning:
I have almost 120k XEMs (vested) since the beginning of the year. I activated and started delegated harvesting but it doesn’t really seem to work. In two months I earned only 7 XEMs in total. Is that normal?
When I log in to my wallet using my Trezor and click on “manage delegated account” it shows “harvesting status” as “INACTIVE” (red) and half a second later it goes into “ACTIVE” and green.
What am I doing wrong here? Shall I stop with “delegated harvesting” and us one of my computers instead for proper harvesting?

Selected node is not remembered between logins for Trezor. But it doesn’t affect harvesting.
It’s pretty normal for such balance. Harvesting is not profitable in NEM. Which Symbol should improve because block rewards.