NEM Harvesting but No Harvested Blocks


I am very new here, got to know about NEM couple of months back since then i was trying my best to get 10000+ XEM to start harvesting.

Although now that i have 10704 XEM in my harvested balance and have already activated delegated harvesting about 3-4 days back but since then i haven’t harvested any blocks.

My first question is how much time does it take to start harvesting blocks?

My second question is related to delegated harvesting which i heard is not safe at all.

Is the following possible?
If i create another account and attached it with my first account with 10000+ XEM vested balance? if it will make my second account with no XEM balance in it will be able to harvest? (If Yes please guide me)

Or please tell me what are the options?


have you also selected a node for delegated harvesting or only sent the Importance Transfer with ACTIVATE ? You need to select a node on the right side form and hit the Play button, then your account will be delegated harvesting.

you need 10k vested (go to “Account” and check the Vested balance field. every day 10% of your unvested amount gets vested.

Delegated harvesting is safe. You only transfer your Importance to the delegated Node, this Node cannot do anything with your funds. Any virus, malware or whatever, which is placed on the Delegated Node, cannot harm one bit of your Funds and that makes it so safe.

If i create another account and attached it with my first account with 10000+ XEM vested balance? if it will make my second account with no XEM balance in it will be able to harvest? (If Yes please guide me)

no, any account that is harvesting, needs at least 10000 xem vested.

@gevs Thank you for your reply mate…

Yes i have already selected a node from the panel on the right side… That’s why i was wondering why my account haven’t harvested even a single block till now…

I even tried to switch to another node yesterday but it seems like the same case, no harvested blocks :frowning:

hello! keep waiting :slight_smile: you have a pretty low importance score due to only a bit over 10k being vested. when i had only that sum i believe i harvested a block every 4 to 5 days. cant say exactly, how long habe you been waiting?

I am in exactly the same space as a newbie - nil harvested blocks thus far.

Let me know if i can help in anyway, albeit i have limited knowledge and am very much learning as i go thanks to these forums.

I will update you with any progress i have :slight_smile: good luck!

Just an update… My account has harvested one block day before. I can see the fee i have earned but for some reason that fee is not included in my balance…

I think it gets locked for some days and then gets unlocked and moves to account balance…

In anyway, I have harvested 1 block in about 10 days don’t know if this is the case for everyone or just me, because of just about 12000 XEM harvested balance…

Any update from you @Chris_Neuman ??

Hi pal, please inform what is finally your rewards for 1 block harvested from the minimuum XAM on wallet is?


Hey, i harvested two blocks First one with 54 XEM fees and second one with 14 XEM fees… but it’s been more than a week now haven’t harvested anything yet my Importance Score on network is constantly falling down from 0.30% to now at 0.26% don’t know whats doing on…

Even though i harvested blocks with fees i haven’t received anything in my balance yet… don’t know whats happening here… :frowning:

Are you sure you haven’t received any XEM via harvested blocks? Check you address in the block explorer

Your PoI will go down as more users compete with you by improving their PoI.

The XEM added from harvesting is not going to show up as a transaction in your dashboard, it automatically gets added to your balance.

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@Saul My PoI is going down like every day from 0.31 to now 0.24, is there any solution? how can i improve my PoI ?

Having Mosaics would help in PoI? i do have 4 of them but don’t know what to do with them.

My apologies if i sound stupid…

Your POI will go down as more users transact with XEM, and improve their importance.

I found this site searching for this issue. I have almost 30,000 XEM and have been harvesting for almost three weeks. I just checked the block explorer and it was zero for everything. Importance, vested balance, harvested blocks and fees, all zero. I paid the transaction fee and I am using Nano Wallet and it says I am harvesting but so far. nothing. I just changed nodes so will see what happens.

Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

I clicked on Remote Harvesting on the nembex site and it shows that my vested balance has increased compared to what is showing in Nano Wallet but the overall amount is still the same.

What node did you choose to harvest on.
There are two steps to harvesting.
1st step is to pay the fee, and activate remote harvesting.
2nd step is to choose a node, and begin harvesting on that node. If you are choosing a node that you do not control, you need to understand that these servers go down for maintenance, and when they do, you need to reactivate your harvesting.
There is a great tool that has been made by some community members. It will help you stay harvesting:

I gave it a try, thanks. Will the results show up in the Nano Wallet?

Sigh. I am a complete idiot (my excuse is that I just woke up). I put in my public key for my delegated/remote account instead of the private key. I didn’t get an error message and it said it had successfully connected. When I tried to redo it with the private key, it said I had already started the process. Have I mucked things up?

And never mind. The system just sent me an email calling me an idiot and telling me it was cancelled. WIll try it again and this time, I will pay attention.

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I have more than 200,000 XEM vested yet for months I have barely harvested anything. Certainly in the past few weeks I’ve made 0 XEM even though the status says “Active”. I think last month I made 0.1 XEM, This delegated harvesting thing is a joke.

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I promise you are not doing it correctly. Did you read my steps above?