Nem hits .11 USD

Oh well at least I never sold a house or anything, especially with reputable Nembers on Telegram spruking 2018 price to be “2 -3 dollars conservatively”.
Oh well Que Sera Sera, what will be will be.

BTW Anyone want to buy a watch?


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Do you still remember my schedule? We go down a long way before it can really rise again in the long term.

Yes I do remember that.
I have actually been buying a bit more xem here and there lately, but for the life of me I kinda feel that when myself and folk like me are buying others are dumping it just as quick.

So you say it will go down to that low of a market cap then it might just disappear.
People are still making money from Nem yet without any real world use cases there will be no need for the price to rise as they can just jump on “the next big thing”, while hodlers siting round holding bags of newspapers.

Also while Nem is open source there is no incentive for anyone to actually use xem at all.
We have seen this only weeks into its release.


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I understand your frustration, but NEM is not dumping, the entire market is. And it’s frustrating for sure, but I just don’t see the point in singling NEM out in all of this… If you had anything else it would go down too, so there’s really not much you can do about it, except maybe cash out and be done with it… Just got to smile and wave until the next wave comes along…


I believe in this project, and try not to fixate on price. I know the whole market is down at present. But I’m struggling to understand how real world use cases, “superior” blockchain, and institutional interest have almost no positive impact on the price.

The most evident explanation I can come up with is the lack of visibility and what appears to be an almost tragically casual approach to marketing/ branding. For example a couple small observations /questions:

—> Why isn’t Binance listed on the “BUY/SELL XEM” column of the website?
—> Why does the nomenclature under country leaders switch from countries, for example; Bulgaria, China & Taiwan, to Germany and then “Indiana”. Indiana is not a country.

Although the two items listed may seem inconsequential, little details can have a big impact on the perceived credibility of a project. It makes the project look fake, when it obviously isn’t.

Will there ever be a cohesive marketing effort? I thought that was supposed to happen in a big way this year - but I don’t see any traction. What effort is being made to support and expand the credibility of this project? There has to be a way to strike a better balance. I wish the materials surrounding this awesome project could begin to more adequately support it’s growth.


The entire crypto market is in the beta phase. There are hardly any real-life adoptions, and the few that exist are in the process of emergence or testing.

After the 2017 hype, many have burned their fingers. The market consisted of many average Joe’s who wanted to get rich quickly.

We have to wait for regulation, reallife applications and global players.
Nem will then find his way into the game and pass through good technology.


Binance is listed. Just not on first place.

Maybe it should be sorted by volume.


Thanks for the screenshot. I was actually referring to this: Isn’t it maintained by the foundation?

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Personally I think the website is a horrid design, full of largely boring .jpegs that show some weird stuff that nobody cares about, like little egg people going to the bank or something and other various obsolete images that mean sweet FA.
Then we are flying through the clouds…man that is not going to cut it, nobody cares about flying through the clouds (trying to impress with some trashy flash or java-script), total unexciting.

the website had a lot of “filler” Nem website has a lot of fill and not even attractive fill at that.

Strange how the foundation has millions, yet spend $500 bucks on a website…lulz

I remember saying it was crap way back after the upgrade.


@babayaga reported necessary of update list of exchanges on And also suggested that maybe better will be “Indiana (US)” cause this is state of US and not country.


I think the markets as a whole are down right due to the same reasons you mentioned. No blockchain is exempt from the wrath of this downturn. Hopefully we see real innovation soon!

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Do you think is actively maintained? Why don’t they keep things updated?

Does anyone know if is actually maintained? I haven’t seen any updates.

New news are posted but indeed for example list of exchanges is outdated.

Yep OKEx is not listed and it listed Nem 9 months ago…