NEM HUB Update 03/08/20

Dear NEMbers,

We have launched Phase 2 of NEM HUB community building. It is, similar to phase 1, due to be completed within a 2 months time frame, i.e. from August 1st - October 1st 2020, at which point we will initiate phase 3, docking on to the main symbol campaign supporting all NGL marketing initiatives, aiding the transition in Q4.


  • As of August 3rd, 2020, 1,361 users joined NEM HUB with 636 weekly active users from 46 different counties. The number of users increased by 56.6% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020). 490 HUB users are verified token holders who staked over 119,813,478 XEMs (6.619 million USD).
  • NEM HUB users have submitted 2,167 submissions to 36 team tasks. HUB users also generated 59,583 upvotes and 968 downvotes. Total votes generated increased by 18.4% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020).
  • NEM HUB users generated 8,624 tweets and retweets with 3,652,156 impressions and 52,217 engagements. In comparison with data obtained on General Launch, the number of tweets and retweets increased by 50.5%, the number of impressions increased by 40.1%, and the number of engagements increased by 40.1%.

2 ) NEM Logo - Merchandize Logistics

We will offer the position of NEM HUB merchandize coordinator on the HUB, supporting the delivery of original NEM merch created by NEMbers. This first will come into effect in regards to the NEM HUB JP logo - and the poster task promoting Symbol.

3 ) NEM HUB user role categorization:

We would like to emphasize the importance of submitting once qualifications, interests or talents. Each user is unique in terms of the individual spectrum of skills. Please fill out the survey on the NEM HUB, either right when joining or within a month after joining the HUB.

4 ) NEM Group weekly Task:

We are happy to announce that there will be one special task, posted by NGL every week. Aiming at a specific goal within one of the current initiatives or side campaigns. These special tasks are rewarded through Bonus Drops. The first task is to update the NEM Wiki page.

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