NEM Hub Update 19/08/20

Dear NEMbers,

The time has come, we are opening the NEM HUB for US citizens. After the initial branding campaign lasting one month and ending by Monday, September 17th, we are moving forward exploring business development and community build up measures.

NEM HUB US Action Plan & NEM HUB LATINAM Action Plan, incl targets will be published this week. Stay tuned.

Please make sure you join our growing Twitter community at

We are happy to announce the launch of the NEM HUB Turkey Community, a month of rewards and community development springs has started. We are grateful and want to thank everyone involved. We also want to take the time to thank Ali, the network coordinator for Turkey.

NEM HUB Summary: August 17th, 2020

As of August 17th, 2020, 1,507 users joined NEM HUB with 431 weekly active users. The number of users increased by 73.4% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020).

527 HUB users are verified token holders who staked over 120,725,277 XEMs (8.374 million USD).

NEM HUB users have submitted 2,747 submissions to 45 team tasks. On the Community Board of NEM HUB, users generated 68,259 upvotes and 1,030 downvotes. Total votes generated increased by 35.5% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020). 13.787 Reputation points have been leased from influential users to talented members on the HUB.

NEM HUB users generated 11,604 tweets and retweets with 4,946,725 impressions and 72,014 engagements. In comparison with data obtained on General Launch, the number of tweets and retweets increased by 100%, the number of impressions increased by 90.9%, and the number of engagements increased by 94.3%.

This week’s NGL task is to create a mining puzzle, with the winning idea being implemented across the whole community. A well designed mining puzzle can improve the efficiency, security and fairness of the network because each validator in the network may have different types of devices with different computational power.




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