NEM HUB Update 27/07/20

The HUB is home to a diverse mix of NEM supporters. These supporters belong to different nations and interest/action groups. There are several initiatives supported by these groups, some through tasks, some through business propositions documented by a business plan. We have planned the establishment of new groups for August, strengthening the already progressing spillover of users and diversification of interests. This is due to the different categories of NEM users coming to the surface and helping us pave the way towards Symbol.

Initiatives include the bundling of translators, designers, and content creators in each respective field and language. More concrete is node onboarding and DeFi campaigns, adoption of XEM/XYM within existent merchant hierarchies but also companies building upon the NEM blockchain, populating the planned NEM marketplace.


As of July 27th, 2020, 1,090 users joined NEM HUB with 458 weekly active users from 46 different counties. The number of users increased by 25% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020).

478 HUB users are verified token holders who staked over 119,988,426 XEMs (5.76 million USD).

NEM HUB users have submitted 1,759 submissions to 36 team tasks. The biggest submission count occurred on July 15th with 83 task submissions. The number of task submissions increased by 73% since the Global Launch. HUB users also generated 54,266 upvotes and 801 downvotes. Total votes generated increased by 7.7% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020).

NEM HUB users generated 3,283 tweets and 4,751 retweets with 3,432,076 impressions, 49,557 engagements, and 37,876 likes. In comparison with data obtained on General Launch, the number of tweets increased by 40%, the number of retweets increased by 41%, the number of impressions increased by 32%, the number of engagements increased by 34%, and the number of likes increased by 35%.

SPANISH - to follow



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What are DeFi campaigns? Could you tell us a bit more?


Hub is growing. It’s awesome!

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What are the future measures for NEM HUB?
Every month, it will be easier for everyone to understand if the monthly task details and schedule are presented.

And, we haven’t seen new Japanese tasks for about a month. There are only English tasks. There is the gap due to language.


If the verified users in NEM hub pass opt-in and snapshot directly, will more people sign up for NEM hub? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

We will be able to share more soon as we are developing some specific campaigns - including DeFi. We want to build on the growth of DeFi and to communicate the usefulness of Symbol in this area as it is flexible and easy to integrate with DeFi to be a secure sidechain and good for staking.


Hi Thilon, yes, more people would join. We can look into your suggestion. The HUB is a long term commitment and we will scale it phase after phase. On another note, we battled kyc and country restrictions this month but it seems to have all come to a satisfactory end. Our point based system only requires minimum kyc, no ID, no submission of proof of residence etc. .

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Hi h-gocchi,

We have just initiated phase 2 of the HUB community setup which means looking at other foreign groups who were or still are part of the NEM legacy. It’s correct we have started and finished the first wave ( incl. voting ) of the first Japanese tasks and the 2nd is due to be published tomorrow. The results on poster and logo are real good and I’m following up on usage with the respective artists. Submitting an activity is very similar to the submission of a task. The distinguishing factor is demand, they are being posted due to a certain need being catered. Phase 2 agenda for August include biz dev side campaigns such as node onboarding and defi, as mentioned by @DanJonBob above. Also some more practical workshops. Each foreign community will have it’s own initiatives, some over the HUB and compensated through regular workdrops. Some supported through individual drops rewarding specific work. There will be a monthly update on agenda on Monday, August 3rd.


Thank you for your supplement.
“Recruitment of Japanese tasks” has been published on NEM HUB. It was proposed by the Telegram ambassador group. I hope this is a regular task every month.


Yes confirmed. It is a good idea and creates another way to channel ongoing monthly input from the community.