NEM HUB Update 28/08/20

Dear NEMbers,

We are happy to inform you that NEM INSIGHT as a community initiative was accepted by the team of NGL and it will be implemented across all communities on NEM HUB. The aim of NEM INSIGHT is to create and publish high-quality research and case studies of NEM and Symbol that meet academic standards in a consistent manner. Currently we are brainstorming with representatives/ambassadors from each respective community for ideas on building NEM INSIGHT. If you are interested in the development of NEM INSIGHT, please leave a comment below or contact NEM representatives/ambassadors of your community to join officially.

Moreover, the minimum staking requirement on the NEM HUB was reduced from 4,000 XEM to 1,000 XEM. This allows more people to join the NEM HUB.

NEM HUB Statistics

As of August 28th, 2020, 1,665 users joined NEM HUB, with 500 weekly active users. The number of users increased by 91.6% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020).

558 HUB users are verified token holders who staked over 131,781,838 XEMs (12.684 million USD).

NEM HUB users have submitted 23,084 submissions to 56 team tasks. On the Community Board of NEM HUB, users generated 74,896 upvotes and 1,051 downvotes. Total votes made increased by 48.49% since the Global Launch (July 15th, 2020). 16.145 Reputation points have been leased from influential users to talented members on the HUB.

NEM HUB users generated 13,396 tweets and retweets with 6,305,569 impressions and 90,614 engagements. In comparison with data obtained on General Launch, the number of tweets and retweets increased by 133.83%, the number of impressions increased by 143.37%, and the number of engagements increased by 144.53%.

Community Creation of Articles

Besides continually increasing engagements and activities, the NEM HUB community also produced high-quality articles to promote NEM and Symbol at a grassroots level. Content created by the community can help to spread the awareness of the brand organically and efficiently.

Here are some top picks from our community’s creation:

  1. Why Symbol from NEM will become “The Gold Standard” for Corporate Blockchain Solution
  2. NEM Fictional Story - Birthday Present

Birthday present — Chapter 1: NEM

Birthday present — Chapter 2: NEM HUB

Birthday present — Chapter 3: Symbol

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