NEM just lost Market cap to Tron! NEM > TRON?

Hi Community.
I just looked at the market cap and noticed that TRON was higher than NEM. Let me repeat that. I threw up a bit in my mouth. A Shit coin that has no code, or use case, is beating NEM; what I would argue is at least top 5, but more like top 3 Blockchain.

Tron has greater market cap value than NEM? This is Madness!!!
WE need NEM to Kick everything including BCash down a well. “THIS IS SPARTA

4K TPS>, with a lot of adoption and use cases.
Mobile wallet. ( Have you used this? It is faster than Venmo.)
Delegated (POI) harvesting.
Apostle: Notary service on chain.

  • Source Code
  • Namespaces
  • Node reputation system
  • Proof-of-importance
  • Harvesting
  • Messaging
  • Multisignature transactions

Can we get the marketing gears moving within the community. I feel like we are not as Loud as we need to be. Lack of visibility is devaluing XEM and therefore our DAO fund as we have to spend more Xem on projects due to valuation.


Lets get some memes out there. Some more videos explaining the features and benefits especially in comparison to the rest. We Need to compare.

I saw this too earlier when I was in class and jumped on CMC for the heck of it. Was odd seeing that TRX was higher than XEM.

I’m also at a loss for words as to why we haven’t been adopted much by developers. I think that Catapult will bring on this wider adoption and devs will slowly realise that NEM is the better platform for blockchain technology. I just hope that NEM becoming widely adopted for new dAPPS and cryptocurrencies, will increase the value of NEM.

My understanding though, is that cryptos built on the NEM blockchain are actually off-chain, unlike Ethereum. I think this is why ETH retains its value, as ERC20 tokens are all on-chain on the ETH network (am I correct in saying that? Please correct me if I’m wrong).

Just spitballin’ here… Had a long day and need some NEM-teraction (interaction with NEM community)

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The crypto (tokens) called mosaics build on NEM are also on chain.
What is off chain is the code to run the “smart contract”.
The code to run a smart contract in NEM can be written in almost any existing programming language.
There is no special programming language required for that purpose as it is not stored and executed on chain like in Ethereum.

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