NEM knife - This is how i do it

Hello from cold Finland!

I want to introduce you something special, made for NEM enthusiasts and home chefs. :slight_smile: (like myself)

After 20 hours hard working in my shop, NEM knife is finally ready to discover to the public.
Knife is all hand made, and forged high carbon tungsten steel blade. 60 HRC hardness, razor sharp edge and Finnish flame birch handle with stainless steel bolster and tung oiled. Comes with custom Finnish pine-tree stand with strong neodymium magnet and forged support brackets.

This knife is good all-rounder from super thin tomato slices to chopping whole chicken without problem. here is some pictures of finished product and something from start to finish.

This will be limited edition batch, i will make total 100pcs of nem knifes. and this first one is punched number 1 on the blade. number 83 is reserved to my friend, everything else is available. As every knife is individually hand made they will slightly differ from one another, there is no automatic stuff here :slight_smile:

These will be made by order, and we are talking about 4 weeks delivery time minimum, if i get rush, delivery time can be something 4 to 12 weeks because these will be made 1 at time, from start to finish to keep superior quality.

This particular knife number 1 will be sent to mr. Lon Wong because of his unique work

my website is

Price: PM me
Please PM me if interested of custom NEM knife :slight_smile:

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Он прекрасен) сфотографируйте первый экземпляр и занесите в NEM Apostille!

@HCKnives can you please message me I would like to order one? I am in the US let me know how much in XEM with shipping?

English please


Terve, I’d like to order one, but cannot figure out how to send private messages.


Is only the knife in the opening post available or can i buy any other knife you make with XEM?

hi, thanks for your post. yes you can order different kind of knife, but prepare decent waiting time because i will fill order of limited edition NEM knifes first, if there is spare time when finished orders, everything custom is possible ofcourse

Amazing work!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Cool as … Dude

Moi HCKnives, pls let me know how to order NEM knife/ship in Finland.

Thanks very much!