NEM Lottery - To help users to get enough xems for harvesting

Hey everybody,

for some people it is very hard to get enough XEM to be able to harvest.
How would it be to have an lottery? It should be like a faucet (e.g.

People can send a specific amount to an address (e.g. 10 XEM). And every week or day randomly an user will be picked. All available XEMs will be send to this user.
If someone is lucky he should get an huge amount. With this amount the user is able to harvest.

Iam not shure if this is legal … in Germany gamble is illegal.

By the way, Iam an developer. If there is interest, iam able to help to develop such an project :wink:


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There is one project which could use some shares :slight_smile:


Currently still running on the Testnet, that would correspond to the Lottery Idea but I think you must pay to play, maybe extend the idea :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer.

Cool :ok_hand:

I will try it out ;).

"I think you must pay to play, " -> That’s okay :wink: This was my idea.


User 1 : 10xem
User 2 : 10xem
User 3: 10xem

-> First run -> User 2 wins -> User 2 gets 30XEM

This is only testnet though correct?


I am not a Dev and i would like to know more about,
I am working on an App helping people to and communities like non for profit get some money on a regular basis:

  • using their data,
  • using their day to day spendings,
  • the way they pay their bills…
    I think a lottery can be a great add for my project.


the link leads to a dead page… is there a typo?

Our Taiwan community member (a university student) actually built a lottery on NEM, i could share later if anyone is interested=)


great, im interest new propost this is the beta version of the lottery, would like to get everyone’s feedback, also we will need support from NEM for the prize pool.

  • The NEM Lotto Team provides the Jackpot to encourage community playing, and therefore the earning should support operation cost with additional profit.
  • Assuming there are 30,300, 3000, 30000 daily bets spreading across three game types randomly, the Lottery settles income every 20 days. Calculate every income with this formula : 𝐹𝑢𝑛𝑑𝑛 = 𝐹𝑢𝑛𝑑𝑛−1 + Sell income − Prize
  • Every 20 rounds settle the Fund, if it’s higher than initial fund, reset it and add to Revenue.
  • All units are XEM