NEM Meteor Wallet Goes Open Source



We have released open sourced the NEM Meteor Wallet.

NEM Meteor iOS Github
NEM Meteor Android Github

iOS App Store Version to download it for free.

Note: Android wallet is not complete. Only about 70% completed at this point

We will welcome all active development and work to include your PRs. We had a lot of fun building these apps.

We would love to see more languages supported as well as bug fixes and other enhancements.

We use the MIT License. You can basically repackage this, sell it, build more, market it, do whatever you want.


  • Send and receive XEM
  • Send and receive CHE, XPX, NPXS, LYL, DIM and more
  • Send SMS money requests
  • Import and export wallets
  • Secure encrypted wallets
  • XEM to fiat or BTC pricing
  • Transaction push notifications
  • Switch between main and test networks
  • Monitor current XEM price
  • Import wallets from NEM Nano Wallet

We have open sourced the code to be better contributors to the NEM community and because we would love for this to get more usage and testing. We are eager for the success of NEM and its technology!

Thanks for all the great support!
Mark Price

Mark Price NEM Foundation Resignation

Great, good job @Mark_Price ( elections good luck day )


Great job Mark!


Thank you. I hope we will be able to pull it into official NEM repo and add support for this app.


Congratulations and thanks a bunch @Mark_Price!


Great news! @Mark_Price


I’ve downloaded this app and like it. Thanks so much for going open-source Mark! I think this is our best mobile app so far.


Nice wallets and great move to open source them.

Is there already support for multiple languages in the android version? I found a strings.xml which would be easy to translate. But not sure how to add it.


We haven’t added multi language support to Android yet. You can grab the translations we have from iOS and add them to Android if you want. We have Japanese and Simplified Chinese


Thank you , Mark! This is great news!


@Mark_Price I would like to have the possibility to track certain wallets in read-only mode.

besides that -> great work and thanks for open-sourcing it! :slight_smile:


Is that your picture on this site?


That is his new alias. Strikes me a bit odd he can show you how to make $20k+ passive income per month but isn’t able to fund his cache project with these magical money making tools he has that works with everyone else.

Mark changes his name on all social media accounts, hasn’t made an official response about the project.