Nem mobile wallet


I think well developed Nem Mobile wallet is very important to spread the Idea. I like wave mobile wallet you can transfer assets easily but wave problem is anyone can create same name token again and again he he. Nem is very slow on mobile wallet update. How you buy Burger with nem if you don’t see corresponding fiat currency. In this case you need mobile wallet like Dash with asset transfer. To spread the ideas well developed Mobile Wallet is very important


Wallet is not the way to spread the idea.But a UI friendly wallet will definitely asks the user to test the wallet.Having a proper marketing tactic is the best way to spread the idea in my opinion and I might be wrong.



agree. hoping to see a new mobile wallet asap. current one is really not great. a lot of people ive shown it to are really confused by it, primarily due to the way in which xem is sent as if it were a text message. not what you would expect from a financial app and not so intuitive.


1- Almost every body use cell phone instead of computer
2- if you want to pay nem xem on item definitely you need to see exchange
rate like $ otherwise you need to calculate separately extra step
3- to transfer mosaic like your own coin definitely you need mobile app
4- First thing every crypto user do is to download mobile app and test to
even consider buying the currency


Choosing fiat equivalent value in different currencies so you can pay spot price in Xem. Great idea @Abdirashid_S to see exchange rate


The NEM mobile wallet today could use an update to support NEM mosaics. Although this would be a good idea, businesses who have developed and rolled out their NEM mosaic and business platform are also working to create their version of a mobile wallet that can support their mosaic and XEM.

Couple of examples come to mind:
Loyal Coin - Loyal Wallet to make purchases at retail stores and also exchange LYL to other alt coins and fiat
Eroiy - Adult Industry Payment App (may be a mobile and/or web version; nothing described as of yet)
myCoinvest - SMART savings wallet that can send/receive Vezcoin (CVZ), Exchange for altcoins including XEM, and auto deposit fiat in a savings account


Yes you are right mobile wallet is really important these days. it helps people manage their transaction quite handsomely. Also a smart [mobile wallet solution] save lot of time with full secured environment.

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