Nem Mosaic exchange

Hi there.
Recently I’ve noticed that many of nem mosaics holders(ICO investors) wants to trade them, but actually they can’t do it in a normal - exchange way(they are doing it in risky way, f.e. with escrow). We don’t have exchange, where one can sell/buy mosaics from another, and there are more and more ICOs coming. I want to start to develop a small exchange for that purpose, but i don’t know if there is a plan to make it by the core team? I can’t find any info about this, but i’ve only heard gossips from a telegram/reddit. I can start doing it today, but i need to be sure, that my work will not be wasted(if there will appear another mosaic exchange).

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There is an entry on the official blog talking about a NEM Exchange.

NEM to Support ICOs and NEM Investors Via Newly Developed Exchange

I don’t know if it aims to solve the same issue that you are describing, but it seems to be related


I don’t think this would be wasted time!

Of course I’m not sure whether you could get a bounty for this because the NEM foundation announced they will be launching an exchange but the platform definitely would be useful.

In case you are hesitating, get in touch with Nelz, Ronel Li, Jeff or Lon from the foundation, they might give you more specific answers to this.


Hi everyone,

I assume OP meant something like for NEM:mosaic. Indeed that would be something helpful as i see many OTC trades happening with DIMCOIN for example. This could be a safe place for everyone trading their mosaics right after an ICO and between listing on exchanges.

Of course this comes with some risk to the project developers too, since dumps can happen.

I am also in favor of the project.


Hi Ineff. I’m happy to announce, that i’ve started to make my idea come true. Of course, i’m alone developer, so it’ll take some time, but i think i’m on a right way to start first nem-based token exchange :slight_smile:


great to hear that. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

really love this happen. go go dev

I’m keen to see this NEM mosaic exchange too

Hi @Walkie101 any news for the nem mosaic exchange?

Hi, had some health issues recently, but we are going forward. I hope it’ll
be available in a matter of couple days.