NEM Nanowallet Newbie useability improvement proposal

Newbies again and again have the problem “How to run the NEM Nanowallet”
Some click the “Start.html” straight away inside the opened Zip container and that doesn’t go well in browsers.
Others have various other complications. A friend approached me and said “NEM NanoWallet is nothing for the general public. I bet you that any normal person user won’t be able to run it smoothly.”

The webpage doesn’t explain well “how to run Nanowallet”.

Can I propose to have this WELL EXPLAINED or better even, SELF-EXPLANATORY?
We’ll have more and more exposure and users and can’t be only a “tech nerds friendly product”


I agree with this above. There are couple of issues people have:

  • they opening start.html directly from zip and it doesn’t work because dependent files
  • some people don’t know how to extract zip
  • some people opening main.js instead start.html
  • some people don’t know that they should open start.html in browser

Zip has existed, in popularity, for over 30 years. It amazes me that UX with this format would still suffer.
I’m all for improving UX, but this is pretty basic stuff.

On most linux distros, you simply right-click, and pick “extract”
Then double click “start.html”

Is the process really much more complicated on Windows and Mac OS?

I assist people occasionally on telegram that have questions regarding this, but I simply tell them “extract the files, then run start.html”, and they usually thank me, saying “it worked”

I would suggest instead of over-complicating the solution, simply add some text to download page, explaining the 3 step process:

  1. Download
  2. Extract the files from .zip
  3. Run start.html

If it’s worthwhile, we could also create a task on NEMHub for creating an demonstration video and/or written instructions.


I have passed it along, and a solution to the problem will be implemented to the download page.


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