NEM/NEM2 Private Chain Question


I have been searching for any documentation or tutorials explaining how private chain communicates with the public one, how to set up private chain etc in general… But couldnt find anything which might help… there are visual explanations of private-public connectivity (like the image here but no more details…

are there any public docs/tutorials for this case or as it is part of mijin, it is completely closed?


I think best source for you will be

Here is an example for cross-chain swap transactions:

Note: NEM and Mjin share the same SDK


playing with the guide…

based on the code there, it is like both for main_net and mijin, the same endpoint is used… for catapult case, we are supposed to use the same endpoints for main_net and mijin or for main_net we should use sth else?


You can use different ports for different networks if you want to run multiple network nodes on the same machine.


are there any public api endpoint for testnet, like the one on catapult right now?


no. there is not a public catapult testnet at this time. you would have to run your own node/network.


I’ve yet to dig deep into the catapult-service-bootstrap, but would you have any idea if running my own catapult testnet would be as simple as changing configurations or as complicated as writing my own source code?