NEM (NIS) API for Postman


Hello guys. I’d like to share this Postman collection for NEM NIS API. Anyone can play around with it easily now and see all the APIs available in NIS. Please follow the instruction on Ninja Docs for the installation of NEM node first.

Also, I’d like someone to check it as I only copy and pasting the endpoints from the docs. Haven’t checked it thoroughly, but heartbeat seems fine when NIS server is running.

Here is the link for the collection:

This collection is as per API Version 1.19 (19:27, March 20, 2017)


Nem have any programming language?
Test NEM API using postman

its just bringing me to a page with lots of JSON data?


Use the link to import from Postman Chrome app




very handy… thank you


Awesome very helpful


Is there a way to change the IP easily across all your endpoints in postman? As example to Like a search and replace?


You can open Portman collection (it’s text file) in notepad / notepad ++ or other text editor and do find and replace.


Thank you for the tool.