NEM Nis install script for Centos 7/Ubuntu 1604 (only for testing!)


Hi all,

Finally finalized the install script that automatically installs NEM Nis to Centos 7. Script is first version and should be treated as such. I have ran it multiple times successfully on freshly installed Centos 7, so it should work BUT there might be some things I have not noticed. Required programs for this script: unzip, java and curl.

Please DO NOT run this yet on production server, I still need to check and verify that needed checks are in place so that it wont accidentally break anything. Also, it wont check integrity of downloaded files - I might add that option later, but then one must install more programs before running the script.

As always, I am open for any comments and feedback.

Disclaimer: script is fan made, DEVs or Admins have not checked it! Treat it as such! No warranties!

You have been warned. Script can be found from:

Update: changed filename because script now supports Centos 7 and Ubuntu 1604.


Nice job!


Thank you @kodtycoon :slight_smile:

I updated the script; checks/tests are made at beginning of script (before any changes/commits), more tests and script can be run on Centos 7 and Ubuntu 16.04, also changes systemd service name to “nemnis” due to conflict.


@SirNembalot using your systemd service, don’t you get duplicate logs? Since systemd creates it’s own logs…