NEM NIS1 - Nano Wallet v2.5.1 Release


We have been alerted to a very discreet issue on NEM Nano Wallet and released a new version to resolve it.

The release is available here: Release 2.5.1 · NemProject/NanoWallet · GitHub

It is a specific issue which must meet ALL of the below to be affected:

  • Multi signature opt in
  • On or more cosigners use a ledger

The Cosigner account will opt in ok, the multi sig account will fail.

If you are in that situation, you must use this new version of Nano Wallet or the Symbol transaction will fail, there is no option to resolve this in the extraction tool.

The number of people affected by this are very small right now , if you have tried to opt in as above, you have it this issue.

The only way to fix an already opted in account is unfortunately to either:

  • Create a new account, opt it in and move the funds

  • Move the funds to one of the cosigners and resolve post launch

You can see this issue on the failed opt ins quite easily by searching for the text “invalid cosignature transaction for SYM multisig account” on this link (or your NIS1 address): Opt-in Statistics

You will also see a second error that says:

cosignatures count (x) must be equal to number of attached cosignatures (y)

Given the timing related to this issue, if this impacts you, please get in touch on this thread or via helpdesk and we will ensure any post launch opt in is expedited, the opt in attempt was valid but a minor wallet bug dropped part of your signature unfortunately in this very specific case.

All other multi signature accounts are unaffected

Version 2.5.1

Fixed Ledger opt-in cosigning issue.