NEM Project Security. Resources that can compromise NEM? No, not heard!

Hello all ! I looked through Nem resources in internet, came across such a site (and there are links to it in official channels) (Кошелек для персонального компьютера (Windows)). But the site not only does not work, it is essentially absent. The entire site is a stub from an unfinished page on WordPress. If someone buys a domain for himself, or hack this “site” and redirects to a fake site, and uploads a compromised wallet file there, there will be a very big problem! In the NEM foundation there is a structure that is responsible for security, resource control, etc. ?
Or is this not a significant topic? It seems to me that the distribution of software should be centralized, in compliance with security rules, the ability to verify authenticity, etc. I assume that there are still quite a few resources with similar content

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