Nem Python Library Example

I am new to nem and i am searching for a way to include the usage of doing a transaction on the nem blockchain in my python programm.

Unfortunately i cannt find a working python libary to do so. I followed the link to the python library on the nem developer website. I inmportet it and tryed it with the given example (my own wallet data) but it didnt work.

Is there any example for a working python script to post a single sign transaction ?


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If NEM-py library is too complicated to use. I would say you have to go through the whole code as documentation isn’t straightforward, try this one:

Thank you for this Library.

But i faced a few problems, i tried this with the given examples and my own wallet and key.

I tried to get information about a NEM Account with the given example in the Library (, but the only result i got:

no Data

And i tried to do a simple transaction, i tried to do a transaction from my NANOWallet without any problems, but it doesnt work in python.

Python Code from Github, broadcast example: Nem-python SENDING

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 31, in
tx_hash = nem.transaction_announce(tx_hex, sign_hex)
File “\”, line 951, in transaction_announce
raise NemConnectError(“failed ‘transaction/announce’ %s” % result_message)

Do i have to do any preperation of my system or Library before use ?

Thanks in advance

Sorry for not replying, personally I am using library from NEM’s repo and some code snippets from nembex and I’ve also created some personalized libraries for blockchain analytics, I will look into this library around this weekend and let you know. Ping me on Monday if I’ll forget, please.

Hi. I’m trying to use nem-python. but when I run the basic example code provided at but running the code never ends. it seems that there is a problem but I don’t know what. can you please help me?