NEM Real Estate Project - Token Offering

Hi NEMbers,

It’s been a while since I posted again in our community forum.

I’d just like to update everyone about the recent update and development of C Estates - Tokenized Real Estate Platform.

We’ve successfully integrated our platform to the NEM Public Chain and successfully tokenized the first batch of properties that we have to prove the concept of tokenizing real estate here in the Philippines. Fortunately, these tokenized properties have been sold out as well to foreign buyers, proving the concept really viable.

We’ve also partnered and work together with several real estate stakeholders here in the Philippines; from Property Developers to Brokerage Firms up to individual property owners and property brokers.

The Philippines is indeed becoming very attractive to foreign investors and a lot of these foreign investors would like to own a piece of property in this country.

In line with all these developments, we would like to take it to the next level and hoping that the NEM Community as a whole could also help us raised a decent amount of funding for further development and expansion.

We are launching an IEO with different exchangers and the first on the line is going to be with LAToken.

The offer are as follows:

700,000,000 Tokens will be generated on the Pre-IEO valued at $0.010 USD per Tokens

833,333,333 Tokens will be generated during the IEO valued at $0.012 USD per Tokens

You may visit our website or refer to these documents to know more about our project and hopefully everyone could help us bring a really good use case for the NEM Blockchain here in the Philippines.

C Estates DECK
C Estates Whitepaper

Let me know if there are things that you would like to clarify or if there are things that we could collaborate and work together as a community.

All the best!