NEM-Resources repository

It’s with pleasure I announce this attempt to list NEM related resources.

We all know it’s practically impossible to keep up to speed with every available dev resource. Therefore I created this GitHub repo and would like to invite everyone ( especially people that publish code on GitHub ) to contribute developments to the resource list.

Together we can ensure a convenient list of resources is available for anyone to enjoy :wink:

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Great initiative indeed, because such an Open Source community can give insights, examples, etc. from all sides! So summarizing/recycling such a repository might be a very good organization strategy!

I am currently working on a small game which will use NEM mainly for all the business layer logic. I am using the NEM-Library Node JS package published by QM yesterday (29/03).

Do you consider such a game as a Dev Resource that you would like me to add? I will definitely open source this game, probably around the next few weeks. And I was asking myself if this interests you, How do you want us to contribute ?

I have also created a laravel (PHP) wrapper for the NEM NIS&NCC API that I could list on those resources. Yet, I believe first of all must be the official NEM packages (such as the NEM nodejs SDK, the nanowallet source code, etc…)

the laravel wrapper is here:

I will update you with info about the game when I’m done with it :slight_smile:


That one will be included in the next commit :wink:

Sure, anything that contains code for anyone to learn from or even reuse is a good candidate to be included in the repo IMO. Please feel free to inform me once it’s ready. :+1:

When installing your wrapper to my project there is an error appear

Answered on Github :+1: Please also have a look at the latest PR in that repository which makes it compatible with Laravel 8.

Changing the keccak dependency is not supported.