NEM sent from NEM mobile wallet to EXODUS, Funds are stuck in weird address

Hi Team,

May I get some help please…

I’m using NEM Mobile App (version 1.0.72_mainnet(111)). I sent some NEM to my EXODUS Mobile Wallet by pasting the EXODUS wallet NEM address into the ‘Send’ field on my NEM Mobile App.

The funds never arrived in my EXODUS wallet and instead I could see my transaction on the NEM blockchain but with a totally different destination address, NBLQ6PE7Z5CVANJNXGOR74UQLOJ2YMGJJOZ4YFAQ. Not the destination address which I specified when sending.

Please advise me on how I could get my funds back or complete the transfer to my EXODUS address. I was able to transfer some NEM from an exchange to my EXODUS address without a problem.

Thank you kindly!!

You have send for Changelly (?) address. Probably you “answered” to some old transfer instead create new transaction from form where you put destination address.

Ah…thank you for the explanation…I’ll try to resolve this with Changelly. My ignorance when sending as I was not familiar with the NEM wallet.