NEM Supernode Command Line Tutorial for Debian 8.4


Hi, how can I stop the NIS service manually, i.e. the Linux equivalent of the net stop service in Windows. So for example net stop NIS or whatever the Debian equivalent is?


Und wieder einmal, Vielen Dank! Habe gerade erfolgreich auf 0.6.82 upgedated.


It should be as simple as sudo systemctl stop supernode.service but I don’t see any reason why you’d want to run this command on your supernode.


Hi, it was to do the 0.6.82 upgrade. I thought a graceful shutdown would be required to upgrade.


“strg-c” ( shell / screen )


Ctrl+C for EN keyboards :wink:



Logs are taking up a lot of space on the server. Is there some easy way to turn them off or reduce their space?


I’ll add a short section on how to setup a cronjob that deletes log files that are older than 30 days. For now you can run the following command to do it manually:

find ~/nem/nis/logs -mindepth 1 -mtime +30 ! -name 'nis-0.log.lck' ! -name 'nis-0.log' -delete


I’ve added section 1.6 Set up a cronjob that deletes old logfiles


Hi, I tried to follow your tutorial,
but as I’m not a programmer I completely failed.
Setting up a masternode for Dash was completely easy.

Why can’t someone from the NEM-Team offer the service of setting up masternodes, like Dash does?
I’ve got 3,1 M coins. but I am unable to set it up…
Couldn’t you create an explanation that non-programmers can understand too? With printouts etc. Step by step for Dummies.
Or how about if someone could activate a supernode for me via TeamViewer, and have access onto my PC?


We usually have some people willing to help.
Hey people, show that you are bunch of nice users :slight_smile:


" Or how about if someone could activate a supernode for me via TeamViewer, and have access onto my PC? "

You should not do that.


What kind of server do you want to use? Your private computer?


Dear Sir,
Why would you setup a supernode
Without any prior knowledge on the subject?
I mean, it’s like you invited me to dinner
to a gourmet restaurant in New York, and
hearing you to pretend to be a better cook than the chef.
Don’t you agree?


Well I’m just not a programmer…I’m more of an investor…I didn’t need much prior knowledge to set up a MN with dash…a guy from the staff team does it for noobs.

Ideally I’d like to use a VPN server, not my own PC (I’d manage to set it up on my own PC). I’ve tried hard to follow the tutorial, but I am struggling with VIM.
I don’t understand commands like “ssh [email protected]”…
And I don’t quite understand where the VIM file is used. How are the server, the servant, the supernode starter service and the Vim file connected to each other? I am confused.

A Youtube video how to set up a NEM Suernode on a VPN would be very helpful. There should be more marketing on Youtube by the way. NEM needs a spokesperson on YT…

Maybe somebody could set up a node for me? I’m planning on keeping my nem’s for a long time (1-2 years min). Ideally the person would have a high importance level, and would be reliable…Is there anyone who has done that before? (I’ll obviously only send delegated keys).


Only setup the server or maintain it?
There are updates every now and then and maybe for some reason the server stopped working…so there must be someone keeping an eye on it.


Well it would need to be maintained too.
Obviously I would pay an agreed fee to the person willing to set up the server and maintain it.
However I probably couldn’t make sure that the person would actually use the coins to set up the server.
So it’s a bit a pickle…


Your XEM should always stay in your possession. NEVER SEND YOUR 3 MILLION XEM OR PRIVATE KEY TO SOMEONE UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO KEEP IT! Give your delegated private key when you need someone to host a supernode, not your private key.


To help operations I’d like to give prerequisites, based on my
setup experience:

  1. VPS provider location must be chosen. For
    example: where in this world should the machine run?

  2. VPS provider needs administrator to be verified (provide documents), this
    means “your” supernode is de facto completely
    over system administrator control. To be clear, you could
    ask him to run other sofware, but he could deny you to do so.

  3. SLA (service level agreement) should be considered, as sometimes
    supernode round checks fail, for whathever reason (network busy etc.) so
    It could be you miss a supernode payout. See here, and
    pickup a node, you’ll see some round could be red crossed:

  4. least but most important, as Saul pointed out, you should keep
    extreme care of your private/public keys

hope didn’t bother you…