NEM Supernode Command Line Tutorial for Debian 8.4


Hi quasarblue:

Thanks a lot for your input: It’s much appreciated!
to1.) Does it matter which country? I’d just take the nearest to where I live.
2.) I don’t quite understand the risks, implications. What’s the worst case scenario?
3.) how would I enforce a SLA with an anonymous person from a different country? Should I get the personal details from the person hosting the node?
4.) is perfectly clear.

What would happen by the way if I wouldn’t want the person to be running the server for me anymore. Would there be any risks with him having the delegated keys?

  1. I think the machine should run in a country
    where NEM network needs. For example Germany
    is plenty of supernodes, there is no need tough.
    Third world countries, could be considered, but
    experience should drive in choosing the provider;
    May be NEM members older than me should advise.

  2. Worst case scenario…the
    system administrator steal Your money I think

  3. Provider should grant SLA, but even though you
    are not guaranteed to pass 100% supernode rounds.
    This is best effort agreement.

  4. You need to transfer "delegated private key"
    into the supernode.
    This is the main issue, May be you need
    To multisign 1-1 with yourself…


thanks for updating. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’ve went through all the steps but failed my tests… Could someone see what’s wrong please? ip


As you probably know now your node
Is fine. That was because of initialization


Guys, for further Swap-Memory optimizations see here please:


Where can I find the config file to increase the Number of harvesting Slots?

Edit: Found it at package/nis/ and increased to 15. Hope thats fine.


Great article :+1: Helped me setup my supernode easily. Thank you


hi, digitalocean vps has not proven to be the best at computing power. Our Supernode has failed tests due to java process crashing multiple times. We will now move to different server.

I guess I have to resend enrolment message with new IP, correct? Apart from that is there anything I need to know before migrating to new vps?



If you do not change the deligated account and change only IP, you can switch the super node by sending the change ip command.
Please execute the new Super Node correctly before switching command.

The message for IP’s should be formatted like this, “change ip to”



I doubt it is digital ocean that is causing the issue.
I have tested at least 5 vps providers, and digital ocean has so far failed the least amount of tests.
Are you using atleast 2gb ram server?
Did you limit 1408MB to NIS and 128MB to the servant?



sure, we did everything according to the guide. Server location was Singapore and right from the beginning we noticed very slow connection. I chose singapore because I thought this could help the importance, since there arent many nodes there. I moved back to in germany. Their jiffyboxes run well and price is ok.


okay, good to know. Maybe their Singapore servers aren’t as reliable as their other locations.


My NEMSupernoda.pdf (199.9 KB)
Guys help please!
My supernode was installed on another server (I did it myself by instructions). I decided to move my node to another server with a larger RAM. I do everything according to the instructions, made the necessary changes. The problem is that the NIS after the reboot does not start automatically. What could be the reason?
In advance all thanks


So i guess you need to set up a cron job.


If you have the opportunity, could suggest how to properly create one, how to properly create a task for cron? I am now trying to understand what and how to create. Thanks!)


When running NIS through the command:
cd nis
chmod + x
Everything starts fine.
After the server is rebooted, the NIS does not load.
I added a task to run the script after rebooting into cron:
@reboot /root/nis/nisStart.ш - after the NIS server reboot does not start.
Tell me please what I did wrong?


You need to follow step 1.5. The supernode service is a small utility script that will automatically start your node after rebooting.


Thank you Paul.That is the problem. On the previous server everything worked fine and works now, though the RAM is not enough. I installed everything in order:
apt-get install ca-certificates
chmod +x supernode-service-master/
mv supernode-service-master/supernode.service /etc/systemd/system/
systemctl enable supernode.service
In theory, everything should work, but unfortunately it is not.
I at the moment do not know where there can be a problem.
Perhaps someone has come across this issue and can give advice on this matter.


Thank you guys for your advice!
My mistake was in the names when creating the directory:
mkdir nis-ncc (I had mkdir nis and so on)
mv package nis-ncc / package
apt-get install sudo
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vim
cd nis-ncc (cd nis)