NEM Supernode Rewards Program

You are trying to enroll with ips that have already been used. Are those nodes old nodes you want to reactivate with a different delegated keys and different names?

Yes, we have changed keys and names also

Ok, i added the nodes manually to the database.

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@teodor: tdxem02 does not have the needed xem in its account. Are you sure you provided the corrected delegated key?

It matches with the ones in NanoWallet

public is in

(I’ve sent another enroll message)

private is 879…d16f

vested balance is above 3m


sorry, here is another one enroll hash

But balance seems to be 0:
what is the main account’s public key for tdxem02?

Edit: the delegated key appears to be 049877675c2e24013832a741f2d6c3890ea81b14303f1a0bd91afe4ba11df501
as can be seen here:

I inadvertently removed the /nem/nis/data/nis5_mainnet.h2.db file and so did a reboot to regenerate it. But once my supernode (KingsLandingUsesNEM2) starting passing, I noticed it was no longer auto harvesting. Nothing changed in my file. I got this message in the log file for one of the accounts:

2020-07-17 13:23:14.737 INFO auto harvesting with ‘NCLRWZ45BGYGUZP7BAKQ4DXST6XXPMDDGZ2ENM5X’ -> ‘FAILURE_UNKNOWN_ACCOUNT’ (org.nem.nis.boot.HarvestAwareNetworkHostBootstrapper b)

That was the address that xem were sent to activate delegated harvesting back in 2017. Does regenerating the nis5_mainnet.h2.db file on a reboot change auto harvesting?

The account was created after the nemesis block, therefore when resyncing, the NIS does not recognize the account in the beginning and therefore outputs that message. If your node is synced now, you need to restart NIS and it should work.

Hello, we’ve changed the delegated key and I have tried to enroll node, but still no success for tdxem02. tdxem01 is fine.

Can you please paste the enroll tx hash here?

please help me (nis.bootName = opensesame) to change ip to


Request: node name “bue.twitter”

please help to change ip to

Block 2782692

Hash 67eab551c64acb8875f45d354f4f2ec2be55cae3360702cd756d1d4cd781ed97

Multisig hash4643fa1cb47bbdf0e88dfa59a05eaf16c53ad24bc51b7606531d6742571001f0



Reactivated the node.

please help me (nis.bootName = opensesame) to change ip to

Block 2788844
Hash a47db51c1c34a179cd3a9feac01ea1ec0dc8c5fb776e84c0afa1403bebe75efd

please help to change node name “bue.twitter” ip to

Block 2788847
Hash 926919e7440b2bd5b11db55abbfea9356ba87d61608eb5dc0353d9bef3c4f8a5


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