NEM Symbol Wallets Release - discussion thread

Current release plan for this functionality is 9th November (end of Sprint 2) for a public ready release.

The web wallet that shows nightly build will start adding the functionality as it is completed between 2nd Nov and 9th, so part of the functionality may be available on the web wallet (untested) earlier than the 9th.


In response to NEM Symbol Wallets - plan for release by Nov 20th where you ask for feedback.
I’d like to see a very clear “SEND” icon to send out coins/messages in the main view. As of now, it seems like the “send” feature is hidden under “Transfer”.
TBH, it took me some time to locate the feature to make a transaction.
And, the wording “Transfer” is not really what I was looking for. I wanted to SEND or MAKE TRANSACTION. Yes, Transfer is not wrong, but not what I expected.


That’s very nice to see progress and your hard work really appreciate. Sir do you think desktop wallet will complete till 20th Nov and what abt progress .Can we expect that everything will go fine

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The team are working on the Sprint 1 release as I type, it is still planned to be released today at this time, there is nothing to suggest 20th of Nov will not be met at this time.

Props to @tresto who I think spotted the pull request on Github within a few minutes, certainly the first person I saw post it!

The main thread will be updated once the PR is accepted, build is working and release has been tagged. In the mean time you can see the progress on the nightly build server as always:

Sprint 2 is focussed on harvesting primarily and there will be another release on 9th of Nov 2020


I’m more concerned about that because I’ve heard that the Symbol test nodes are unstable. I hope that’s not a big problem. Thank you.

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The issues that have been reported are being looked into

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I have not heard this. Do you have more information?

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I’ve heard that many people are struggling with test nodes, including continuous synchronization failures. I don’t know the details; I think @GodTanu knows.

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I think this is all about the problems with the installation. The test nodes run stable.
This shows very clearly how important good documentation, but also helpful tools(symbol-bootstrap) that run without problems are in order to operate a node.
There should be precise step-by-step instructions, but also Tools that automate many steps.
It´s important to empower as many different people, projects, etc., as possible to run a node. That should be our goal and that is exactly what makes a stable network.


Agree with @garm

Step-by-step, copy paste commands into the terminal are essential for the average guy to run a test node. I had trouble with the last update to get a node up and running.


Does the Sprint2 have a delay?

You’re experiencing problems with the operation of Delegation Harvesting, right?
(As I have long feared).

This is an issue with the SDK.
The Desktop wallet release should also be delayed.


No it does not have a delay. Release is 9th Nov (UTC time). It is still planned for today.

The team have tested delegated harvesting and it appears to be working. There is an issue with displaying the status which will be looked at in next sprint. Activation is working though.

I believe that issue with SDK has been fixed already, the status issue is one with rest which they have a plan for, it just didnt make this build.

Can you confirm what is the issue is with the SDK and has it been logged on github?

I think it is probably one of these: This one fixed the unlocked_account issue for delegated harvesting, this one is the message bug. (Issue:


Thanks DaveH for explanation. I really like how you simplify things when making reply :slight_smile:


New Wallet Release - 9th Nov


Did you check the operation?

Make sure it works.
We don’t want you to release something that doesn’t work.

To begin with, delegated harvesting takes time.
Did you make sure it really works?


GodTanu, have you tested the new wallet release first before asking such questions?

Of course.
Have you tested it?
Please address to me if the delegated harvest works.


Delegated harvesting may not be working for me either.

  • 3 million test xym
  • 6 hours have passed since setting up

If it doesn’t work, then, I want them to release something that works correctly. This release was a concern for the future.


All of the releases before the 16th of November are interim releases, they are the release from an Agile Sprint, so are not intended to be fully functional, fully tested releases. HOWEVER, yes they are tested within the development environment and when we say something is working, it is working and has been tested in the development environment.

Releasing in this way is intended to achieve the below things (mainly):

  • To allow functionality to be enabled on Testnet in stages so that the underlying Testnet features can be better tested
  • To find differences between development environment and Testnet with the community’s assistance
  • To find bugs in the wallet product itself in stages so that they can be resolved

On this release I personally activated delegated harvesting on a profile via the nightly build wallet and it looked to have activated, but I have not yet harvested anything after 12 hours either.

From the comments above and what I have seen on Twitter so far this morning (all the testing you have been doing in Japan is overnight in Europe) there are potentially some issue which I will speak to the team about in the next few hours and will communicate back what is happening.

I will try and update by 14:00 UTC 9th Nov, probably sooner but I want to give chance to look at what is going on calmly before we work out next steps.